10 Hidden Amazing Features Of Facebook Messenger10 Hidden Amazing Features Of Facebook Messenger

We all use Facebook for hours on a daily basis but have you ever wondered what are the things you don’t know or you need to know about facebook messenger. I bet you, there are plenty of things which you don’t know about facebook messenger. There are many hidden features and also games which we find surprising when we explore them accidentally.

Here are few amazing features which are worth knowing for informational and useful purpose’s, Yet many of us don’t have any clue about them.

1. In case you’re new to the city or lost somewhere, you don’t need to worry at all. Just hit this location icon and send to your friends they’ll come to you in a couple of minutes.

2. We all have crazy friends who we love to call by nicknames. Well, now you can set a nickname for each of your friend with this option below.

3. Sometimes we feel bored even when we are chatting with our friends, Now you can play chess just by typing @fbchess in the chat and play a quick game with your friend.

4. Now you can use this feature in airlines for flight update, Check-in notification, Messages as a boarding pass. The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has given this authority to users.

5. Also, you can transfer money with this messenger, By clicking those ‘Three Dots’ as shown in the picture below and choose Payments. You can connect to a debit card account for money transfer.

6. We all hate those group notifications when we are busy, So now you can just switch them off by shutting off this notification preview option

7. You can also share tracks from this app Spotify which is a music app by clicking three dots and sending the music file.

8. If you’re bored and no one is online you can play this awesome game by sending a basketball emoji and tap on it, and play for hours.

9. You can also book ‘Uber’ using this app just by clicking those three dots and choose ‘Transportation’ option, Inorder to do that you must have the app installed.

10. Now you can also use messenger without a facebook account. Just log-in with your phone number that’s all you need.

Now you understood that how many tricks and fun type things that you can enjoy using Facebook messenger, everyday and everytime users stick with their messenger only because of playing this fun tricks on their messenger.

So this is 10 Hidden Amazing Features Of Facebook Messenger that will give you all secret features of the Facebook messenger, hope you liked it, and don’t forget to subscribe our website!

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