We all use technology for different purposes and we all are using it depending upon the need, But everything comes with a price and technology differs with price. The more you pay, the better you get. Find out how these famous people use technology.

For people who have responsibilities like presidents, Industrialists, and entrepreneurs technology is no fun yet they choose the best for security and functioning. They always choose gadgets which are advanced in nature and with more security. Irrelevant of cost and availability.

This amazing car of Obama is known as the beast. He travels around in it, And it is quite amazing, Check out the features below.

1. Dimensions of the car for the security purpose are arranged in a fascinating way, Which helps to provide unbelievable security.

2. When the car is in abroad then they will assign a US flag and the flag of the Country They are in.

US flag and the flag of the Country
US flag and the flag of the Country

3. The car is designed with special measurements and materials that it travels with the bullet proof doors, Windows.

4. Also, the car consist of tires which are extraordinary, If the tires are damaged in any incident (which is not possible). Then the car can move with the help of rings.

5. This car is made of many materials each have its own purpose for providing the security. Materials like Steel, Aluminium, Titanium.

6. The fuel tank is foam-sealed so even if it is shot directly then there will be no damage to the tank or the car neither any explosion.

7. The doors aren’t ordinary, Since the car is not. They are made of thick armor which is very powerful to break in.

8. Also, this car is made of some special electronic equipment like satellite phone which is directly connected to vice-president and pentagon.

9. With all the features this car runs like a beast without any interruptions. So the person who is riding can ensure full safety.

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