Top 10 Ways To Access Blocked Websites EasilyTop 10 Ways To Access Blocked Websites Easily

Top 10 Ways To Access Blocked Websites Easily

There are some nations which block opening a particular site because of an unusual restriction. They think that the site will cause detriment to the securities of the nation. Moral police role has been accepted by many countries hence they have to obstruct the NSFW (Not safe/suitable for work) sites. Some countries even obstruct the social media websites which are free to access. Free Wi-Fi connectivity is offered by many educational institutes and administrative centre or organisation but they obstruct access to social networking sites as well as private sites.

In many situations, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) also obstructs the access to some sites because of the nation’s limitations. You don’t have to worry if you are obstructed in any website because we are having various ways to enter these obstructed websites but remember access these obstructed websites at your own risk.

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1) Using IP Address In Place Of URL- The obstructed sites are saved in a record of URLs. When you use IP in place of the URL then you might access the blocked website in your computer. You can do this by undertaking a ping command in Command Prompt (Mac users operate Terminal) you can obtain the IP address for a required website. There is also an online website for this

2) VPN- A Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) – It enlarge a private network among a public network, such as the Internet. It allows you to open the obstructed sites in your local PC without revealing your individuality. Some VPN services are free while others take some charges.

3) Using Google Cache Some search engines stores websites and it may be also store blocked websites as well. You have to go to Google and search and tap on a triangular icon at the finish of green URL which will be available in the search result and after that tap on ‘cached’.

4) Internet Archive – Wayback Machine – This website is very popular for saving history version of different sites. This site is not obstructed for anyone because it is not a proxy site. You can access to any blocked website by this service.

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5) Modifying the Url – this method is only applied to those websites which hosted in VPN and shared servers surroundings. The domain will have unconfirmed SSL and because of this, you will get a security notice, which will have two choices (Proceed anyway or Back to Safety). You have to choose (proceed anyway) to get started. You have to visit the address bar of the browser and then type

6) Avoid with Translations services – There are much online translation services which permit to open the obstructed websites. This tool holds up all the languages. It allows you to convert one language to another on their page itself. This service includes AltaVista BabelFish and Google Translate.

7) Using Proxy in Browsers – Proxy is a service which gives data’s of requested websites. There are many proxy servers which do not take any cost to access obstructed websites without revealing your identity. You only have to search the URL of the websites you want to access in.

8) Proxy Surfing – In Firefox, you have to select Network tab which is under the advanced tab, and then tap on the Connection Settings. After that Select Manual proxy configuration and place proxy under HTTP proxy. In IE/Edge, you have to Go to Tools, then Internet Options. Select Connections tab. Tap on LAN Settings and verify Proxy Server. Insert your proxy URL in the Address.

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9) Subscribe to RSS Feed – RSS reader can help you access the blocked sites but this can happen only when the site has RSS feed. You can also get data’s by e-mails.

10) Redirection with Short URL service- You can create a long URL to short one, this might help you to access the obstructed websites. MooURL and SnipURL are the two short URL services.

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