10 Year Old Boy Unlocked iPhone X With His Face ID10 Year Old Boy Unlocked iPhone X With His Face ID

Unlocked iPhone X: The Apple users know how strict is the Apple security. Apple launched the brand new iPhone X With FaceID this year. This feature is very interesting and a great savior against hacking. In another unlocking purpose, the iPhone asks you for the passwords or thumbprints and no other way is possible to unlock the iPhone.

10 Year Old Boy Unlocked iPhone X With His Face ID
10 Year Old Boy Unlocked iPhone X With His Face ID

Two days back we have heard reports of how a research team has spent $150 to develop custom masks and hack the FaceID. As the mask was very costly but now this research has become absolutely free of cost. The facial recognition system developed into iPhone X is not easy.

The 10-year-old boy Ammar Malik parents Attaullah Malik and Sana Sherwani. After they have set up the Face ID the boy went to the room to cherish both the iPhone. Ammar’s mother in fun way told his son that there is no other way to touch the iPhone. Instead of the warning, the boy took her mother’s iPhone and after a second the iPhone X get unlocked.

In the video, his parents proof that his son has hacked the unhackable software. The device’s security is a top notch that outlines the facial topography of the user. The Apple said that family members little bit similar to each other can unlock the iPhone X. This is a big problem with the iPhone X users, as the boy left a big question on Apple’s security.

After watching the unlocked iPhone Ammar’s mother reset the FaceID in bright lighting conditions. Now Ammar will not be able to hack it again. If you get this problem then the best way is to try the FaceID recognition in a different light and test it again. This is a rare case and we haven’t seen any more cases you don’t have to worry until we get you the other one.

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