This is the list of 15 best Google Picasa alternatives that we can use in 2020 on Windows Operating System. So, if you look for a worthwhile Picasa replacer, make sure to follow this knowledgeful guide.

best picasa alternatives

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If you are an internet savvy, you must have heard of Google Picasa, an eminent photo management tool. However, Google disrupted the service and replaced it with Google Photos. It is the new online image management service with almost similar features in the pack. But it comes nowhere close to Google Picasa in terms of user-interface and easy-to-use approach.

Google Picasa allowed us to not only manage and organize photos but also offered some basic photo editing assistance. One of the top-class features of Picasa is to arrange photos folder-wise or tag-wise, which further supports categorizing and find them quickly.

Thanks to the thriving era of the internet, we have scads of Google Picasa alternatives for Windows to use in 2020. All these offers a great mechanism for organizing image files under different categories. So, without encountering further ado, let’s dive through the list of Picasa alternatives.

Best Google Picasa Alternatives in 2020

Windows Photo Gallery

The first on our list stays the Windows Photo Gallery application, which has a fairly decent and easy-to-use interface. It lets you feel like at home with a simple and straightforward layout. Further, the software doesn’t allow you to store your photos in the virtual space, unlike Picasa, but you can organize all your pictures well on your desktop.

When it comes to photo editing, it seems to load lucrative features to alter your pictures in different shades and crafts. You can also upload the files on Facebook, OneDrive, YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo etc. In other specifications, the Windows Photo Gallery brings captions, collages, panoramas, slideshows, photo fuses, movies, and more.

Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is a photo editing tool that stands robust against the more expensive Capture One and Lightroom. It is for those looking for a productive alliance of serious photo-editing tools and intelligent photo management system.

Furthermore, Luminar 4 houses a glut of photo editing capabilities, including RAW processing to perform excellently. Users are free to use curves, layers, masks, and lots more stuff to ensure that your images are exactly in shape you want them to be in.

If you want to use Luminar 4 more as a Picasa alternative than a photo editor, then it provides quicker options to go with. It lets you sift through a cumbersome number of pictures in a clean and intuitive interface. You can also sort your photos as Recently Added, Favorites, Recently Edited and other customized folders.

Google Photos

Owned by Google, the Google Photos application is the best alternative to Google Picasa to date. In fact, it replaces Picasa, promising more convincing features and lighter interface.

One of the noteworthy qualities of Google Photos is that it integrates other Google-run services like Google Drive etc. Ultimately, you can sync photos across different devices for easy access. Like Google Picasa, Google Photos comes free of cost, comprising numerous photo editing skills as well.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC is, without a shred of doubt, is the best digital image processing tool on the market now. Against the subscription fee, Adobe Lightroom CC unlocks a huge collection of advanced features to run at your fingertips. It stores photos on the cloud; hence, you will go worry-free while accessing your photos on any device. Your pictures will remain safe over the web.

Another fascinating characteristic of the paid tool is its DAM (Digital Asset Management) library. It allows you to import all your photos in the program and then sort them out according to their taste and preference. It also covers all the photo editing tools that you need. You can create and share shareable links to share files across family, clients and friends.


Flickr can also be considered as one of the best Picasa alternatives in 2020. The cloud-based image management and sharing platform offer a wide array of features, including storage space, sharing, and image editing etc.

Moreover, Flickr is fairly easy to use. Once signed up, users are all set to know how incredible the application really is. You can save 1000 pictures on a free account, but after that, the service is chargeable. It allows you to create and share personal collections and albums with your friends and family. The service is also available in the form of Android and iOS apps.


Photobucket is another well-known application when it comes to storing pictures on the cloud storage. Just like Picasa’s Web Portal feature, Photobucket also allows users to upload and share images from any device. You can upload 250 images for free on Photobucket, and after that, you need to pay $5.99 as a monthly subscription.

In the paid version, you will not encounter any ads, reduction in image quality. On the contrary, you will get superior security, as Photobucket uses a 256-bit RSA Encryption protocol to secure your account and files. Additionally, Photobucket provides Secure Private Album Sharing to manage the accessibility of your files.

Zoner Photo Studio X

Against a nominal subscription fee of $4.99/month, the Zoner Photo Studio X software delivers a magnificent set of basic to advanced features.

For starters, the photo management tool concludes 38 creative presets and filters if you need effects similar to those offered by Picasa. Similarly, it woos professionals with HDR creations, cloning tool, and layer masks. It houses everything from basics such as Crop and Rotates to advanced ones like RAW processing.

Moreover, the software also serves users with an intelligent photo management library, where you can categorize your files by folder, keyword, data and others.


Dropbox is a sort of cloud storage that allows people to store almost all types of files, i.e. images, videos, docs etc. The interface is simple and easy-to-use, where you can maintain a quick atmosphere for different file categories. When it comes to photo management capabilities, Dropbox allows you to create and organize different folders based on image preferences.


You can pick DigiKam as another efficient Picasa alternative for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is an open-source and powerful photo management tool with a stack of unbelievable features for both beginners and professionals.

You can manage a massive number (more than 100,000) of pictures with DigiKam and process them based on file-type (Jpeg, png, jpg etc.) and metadata. Further, it helps users with compatible nature for RAW images to let you edit files easily. It hires some advanced tools like cage transform, sharpening and filters for you to apply. Additionally, DigiKam brings smart categorization, facial recognition, slideshow creator and geo-tagging etc. without any cost.


IrfanView is a great and lightweight image management software, especially for people using old generations of Windows PC. It is only 3MB in size and doesn’t occupy much space on your computer’s disk.

Further, IrfanView is a free photo organizer for Windows and can be seen as a perfect alternative to Picasa. Like Google Picasa, IrfanView is easier on resources as well.

As it is a lighter application, hence, it doesn’t bring all crucial dimensions for you on the list. It can show you the entire library in thumbnail form, supports all image formats, batch processing and sharing features. Given the 3MB size, we can’t just ignore what it is offering.

FastStone Image Viewer

This is explicitly one of the best and free image viewer software applications for your Windows system. You can choose the tool not only for viewing images but to organize and edit your image files also. It allows you to add tags, creates folders and favorites etc.

In terms of editing skills, the FastStone Image Viewer can do cropping, adjusting the light, colours, adding effects and more chief elements. It also acknowledges a wide range of file formats to be a universal solution for all of your needs.


Well, HoneyView is another capable alternative to Google Picasa, thanks to its advanced image management potentials. Alongside the support for multiple image formats, it also incorporates various photo editing tools to adjust brightness, colour etc.


PhotoScape comes with tons of exciting and thrilling features to let you have a fun experience on Windows. The prominent specifications include basic editing and fixing, batch editing, creating collages and gifs, screen capture and splitting pictures among other things etc.

Moreover, the application shows you photos into a slideshow, where you can simply go for batch editing, adjusting brightness, text, and lots of other corrections. Though it doesn’t offer cloud storage like Picasa, you can yield much more with this free photo editing software.


ACDSee is home to countless modern photo editing tools to overcome the lack of Picasa. Initially, it was launched just as a sole image viewer, but over time, it welcomed various new features in the portfolio. Now, it is a fully-fledged digital photo management application, having the ability to organize your files in the best possible way.

Face Detection is the latest module, which was introduced in the recent edition of Photo Studio. In others, it allows you to manage photo libraries, create designated folders for easy access, tag photos, online integration with OneDrive and Dropbox cloud-storage platforms, batch processing and various, among other features.

Microsoft Photos

It is another native image organizer of the Windows 10 OS, like the Google Photos. It compiles almost all the necessary editing and management tools, not only for image files but also for videos. Although Microsoft Photos is not widely-used software, you can consider this free alternative to Picasa for a quick photo and video editing.

Which is Your Favourite Alternative to Google Picasa?

So, this is the list of best Google Picasa alternatives for Windows in 2020. Apart from these, lots of other tools are out there in the market with current-age features. Each tool in the list has unique skills, so you can choose the most relevant one depends upon your needs. Make sure to tell us your favourite software in the comment box below.

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