15 Unknown Facts About Facebook You Don't Know

Facebook as a giant social networking company has billions of active users per second but there are some really hidden and unclaimed secrets on Facebook that many Facebook users still don’t know yet, as per the record, facebook didn’t share these secrets on their policies or in History.

Let’s grab these 15 Facebook hidden works that you are unaware of.

1. Facebook has the fIrst face from the profile of Al Pacino.

After the 2005 launch, Facebook home page is having a face which we thought that it was the CEO of Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg but lately it’s being found that it was actually young Al Pacino, but the reason of having the face on front page of Facebook is still unclear, the logo is being created by Mark’s friend Andrew McCollum.

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2. As per the record and report, 65% of Facebook users visits the site on regular basis.

As per Pew Study 2015, its 70% Facebook users visit the site once is a day.

3. 600,000 Hacking Attempts are made on Facebook every day.

It is said that, Hackers having their own agenda, some of them hack other accounts without having any proper intention just to do mischievous and other do for benefit’s, benefit such as selling the product by sharing the links on other friends after hacking into the profile, even they update their hacked account status as “I’M A HUGE POOPHEAD”

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4. Facebook Become Reason For Divorce.

From different country, they have different Divorce record but in the UK, Facebook becomes the middle agents behind Divorce. What’s the reason? Social network as Facebook becomes the easiest way to track down relationship status of friends and relative also for married couples.

5. About 1/7th of people on the entire planet use Facebook via mobile devices which are more than 1 billion on a monthly basis.

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6. Because of Facebook people die/murdered just for unfriending.

In the year 2012, a Tennessee man shot a couple who had unfriended his 30-year-old daughter on Facebook.

7. This is no doubt that Facebook tracks your activity even after logout.

Facebook track your activity such as which website you are visiting, which kind of things you are looking for, even your Google Search keywords, all this can also be monitored by Facebook after your log out. This is because to show you your relevant ads on Facebook. The ads depend on what you searching for.

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8. Surprisingly if you know, previously there was a feature on the Facebook message that you cannot send a message directly to non-friend profile inbox, you have to pay $0.29 USD to send that message directly to they inbox rather then message request or filtered message.

9. One on every three Facebook user felt worse using Facebook, they reported that they don’t like using Facebook.

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10. Mark told NY reported that Facebook is in blue color because he suffers from Red-Green colorblindness.

“Blue is the richest color for me – I can see all of blue”

11. By 2050 Facebook will be the largest graveyard, it will be the dead people than living ones.

Between 2040 – 2050 will be the worst future for Facebook as it will be largest virtual graveyard all over the world.

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12. If you write 4 on Facebook URL as /4 then it will redirect you directly to the Mark Zuckerberg profile.

Not only 4, you can add 5 or 6 to the end of the URL and it will take you to the respective profiles such as Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz who are actually co-founder of Facebook and another is 7, if you add this then it will take you to the Marks college days as a roommate friend in Harvard as Arie Hasit. You cannot have 1 number of URL, as it’s not available.

13. Near about 83% of prostitutes has Facebook pages.

They are having pages, some of their pages are verified with a blue tick.

14. According to the survey data, an average adult Facebook user has 350 friends in which 50% of that they never met with.

15. Do you know that what does Poke means using Facebook?

You think that it’s a provoke point to get attentions, some of them think that its a new way to say ‘Hi’, or some say it’s a way to flirt. Facebook never declare its explanation in any brief conversation, in an interview with David Kirkpatrick the author of The Facebook Effect told, “We thought it would be fun to make a feature that has no specific purpose… So mess around with it, because you’re not getting an explanation from us.”

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