Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught FireWhy Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire

Samsung really was shocked after so many Galaxy Note 7 smartphone caught fire last year, now Samsung will announce this month the results of an investigation into what caused some of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire.

The new leaked by unnamed sources and lately popular newspaper JoongAng reported on Monday. Samsung said the investigators are examining all the features of the phone and indicating that there may be a combination of factors that mixed with the costlier Galaxy Note 7.

The World’s largest smartphone maker Samsung disclosed that about $5.1 billion hit to its operating profit over three-quarters following its decision to permanently halt and bring back the Galaxy Note 7 sales from October to December 2016.

Samsung officials as investors and analysts have said it is a critical situation for Samsung to identify the exact cause of the fires in order to built the same reputation and goodwill to gain the customer trust and to avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

As officials from Samsung refused to comment on this matter, Gadgetsay still trying to figure it out to get leaked information from the source.

Samsung Chief Executive Kwon Oh-hyun said on Monday on New Year’s speech to the Samsung employees that the firm should not compromises on the quality of its product, also asking employees to improve the manufacturing process way far better and more safety inspections.

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