Experts Predicts, By 2050 Humans Will Be Marrying RobotsExperts Predicts, By 2050 Humans Will Be Marrying Robots

We all know that Robots look similar to the human being and you cannot recognize a robot among the humans. Many robots are also doing jobs in cities and also serving as waiters in restaurants. The AI experts predict that after some years Robots will rule in this world. You will believe that an expert has said that humans will love and also get married to humans by 2050.

We have already seen Movies like Terminator and iRobot which was about the Robots. The stories were based on the robot ruling this world and they are similar to humans. In a robot conference which was held in London Dr. David Levy the writer of the famous book “Love and Sex with Robots” told that he has foreseen that the first marriage of human and robot will possibly happen by 2050. He told this after analyzing the increasing development and the superior humanoid behavior of the robots.

The relationship between a machine and a human sounds really weird but this is the predicted future of this world. According to Dr. Levy, “it is not a bad idea of thinking of a robot generation. This is the reality and we should not make fun and ignore it. If the Robots are satisfying the social need of humans then it’s not a bad idea to accept it. Do you know Sex robots have already appeared and the time is not far when this society will accept the human-robots relationship? Soon different laws will be regulated for the human-robot relationships.”

He also said that robots will be a good partner because they are not envious, arrogant, bad-mannered, and selfish, they will follow your order and not get angry easily.” Dr. Levy explained that they will require very powerful computer hardware to control the difficult and run severe applications. The software functions should be capable of interacting and chatting with humans and also understand the emotions and more superior artificial intelligence.

Dr. Levy said as they will be succeeded in making the desired software and hardware then they will start making Robots for the humans.

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