Nowadays, everyone carries an Android smartphone. It has become a part of our daily works. If for some reason we are not able to operate Android smartphone, we feel irritated. One major reason may be Malware or spyware. Do you know, there are some phones which already comes with the malware problem?

Android Smartphones That Have Pre-Installed Malware

How This Can Be Noticed? 

After using the smartphone for a while, it might become slow or shuts down automatically. You may think that the problem occurred after buying. The malware is pre-installed at the time of supply. Android pre-Installed malware has been confirmed by Check Point Software Technologies.

List Of 21 Android Smartphones That Have Pre-Installed Malware
List Of 21 Android Smartphones That Have Pre-Installed Malware

According to the reports of Check Point Software Technologies, approximately 36 Android smartphones are packed with pre-installed malware. The reports state that this Android malware cannot be fixed by the holder of the smartphone. The attaching of dangerous malware is not the activity of manufacturer. Whereas, it is bullying of the supplier. The Android devices go through a series of production then it comes to the consumers. Hence, the Malware is attached in that series of production.

The pre-installed malware is very dangerous for the users. The spies can obtain private information of users through this malware. You might not know the existence of such unsafe malware. Many of them are advertising group which will irritate you by ads pop-up regularly. Some of them are also ransomware. They obtain your private data and then claim for heavy ransom for giving the data.

You can get rid of it by flashing a ROM for your Android. Remember that flashing an Android device causes isolation of all your data. One of the major malware detected in Android devices were Loki malware. This app allows entering the device and hacks almost everything from it.

List Of 21 Android Smartphones That Have Pre-Installed Malware
List Of 21 Android Smartphones That Have Pre-Installed Malware

Here is a list of 21 smartphones which are affected with such malware:
1. Galaxy Note 2
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
4. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
6. Samsung Galaxy S7
7. Samsung Galaxy S4
8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
9. Samsung Galaxy A5
10.Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
11. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
12. Xiaomi Mi 4i
13. Xiaomi Redmi
14. ZTE x500
15. Oppo N3
16. Oppo R7 plus
17. Vivo X6 plus
18. Asus Zenfone 2
19. Lenovo S90
20. Lenovo A850
21. LG G4

So, if you own any of the above devices then fix your phones as soon as possible. As stated above, you have to flash your ROM. For More Queries just comment below or mail to contact[@]


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