After many big organizations recent data breach , one more US government data breach is going to add in the database of dark web. Hacker ,with a fake name NSA has recently put a dataset for sale on the dark web that purports to hold a 290,000 driver license records compromised from a government -linked database in Louisiana,United States.

however the hacker does not elaborate on the true source of the information. In the description, he or she says the driver licence records originated from “various organisations within Louisiana”.

According to the Hacker NSA , the dataset consists of : driving offence , fine total , first name, middle name , last name , DOB , Driver’s license number ,state and lot many personal information of the US drivers .

The Hacker also mentioned that some data is not complete and he stated “Sometimes MiddleName is NULL along with PhoneNumber and EmailAddress because whoever entered this data is a lazy [expletive] and should be fired.”

Hacker NSA claims the database also held information about more serious crimes , such as murders. The hacker selling the data on the dark web marketplace named The Real Deal and is willing to negotiate with the one who is interested in buying it.

Disregard the price on this listing. Make me an offer that you and I can both agree to and I’ll create a private listing that you can use to purchase this database,” the hacker begins his ad. “Don’t bother contacting me if you’re going to hit me with lowball offers.”

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