Just like every new year, 2019 will have its impact on how we promote our business. Everyone is talking about it, but they are missing a few “fine” points. Today we are going to highlight and present them to you! Checkout 501words for more updates.

1. Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Advertising or Marketing is AI automating ad buying to help you specific your audience. Real-time bidding is more of programmatic ad buying. All Top Branding Agencies do it. It’s a fast and effective way to convey your message with high conversation and low acquisitions expenses. This type of marketing will change online branding. Almost every online add will become programmatic by 2020.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Don’t worry; AI is not going to take over the world, at least not for now! However, it will analyze the consumer’s online behavior and how they search the web. They will take data from their social media and articles they read. It helps them understand how people find products and services off the internet.

Mashable’s Mike Volpe says that being slow doesn’t help grow your brand. So you need to automate some processes, the AI can help you.

A good example is Facebook Messenger Bots; it helps to automate and optimize the customer service according to the user’s behavior. AI gives vital information to help turn leads into conversions. According to a recent survey, ¼ of online traffic will use chatbots by 2020. AI will help the business grow and get an edge
over competition without breaking your bank.

3. Chatbots

ChatBots will enjoy recognition in 2019. This instant messaging chat the engages with your customers and visitors. It is being improved to turn leads into sales, and we will see some of these major improvements this year.

These are being prepped to offer virtual assistance to your customers as they will be responsive, reply to queries, recall your buying history, help with inventory and stuff. They are equipped to offer excellent customer service by meeting the needs of the customer and automate repetitive tasks. This will free you for more important, complex tasks.


Why do you think the Wedding Industry has become a monster? Its because people are dying for personalization. The same thing will take over the internet very soon, and it will start with marketing in 2019. If you want to convey your message, you need to personalize your marking tactics.

Video Marketing

A Contributor at Forbes says that Video is the most underrated aspect of marketing in his common mistakes every marketer makes. We can't stress this enough; you need to optimize your site for videos in 2019. Video Marketing could be the trend that will define 2019 for everyone. According to current numbers:

  • 50% Consumers Say they Shared a Brand’s Video
  • 69% Business reported Videos to bump their conversion rate
  • 40% Customers report that Watching Product videos promotes them to buy it

The fun fact, YouTube isn’t the only platform; you can post the video on your website, and social accounts as