Shadow Case

This model can be used for leisure and sports. The strap on the back is not only detachable, but also can be switched between the wrist strap and the hand strap. The lens part is fully wrapped with a heightened metal frame and it is matched with a tire-like PC. The back shell and soft TPU frame, the overall feel is very good, it is more suitable for daily travel.

Unis S Case

The unique feature of this one is the design of the bullet cover on the lens part. The open slide rail can protect the lens well and it can also be used as a decompression artifact between sliding and shooting in daily life. to play with. As for the nylon fiber material on the back, the overall feel is very thin and supple, which is very suitable for small partners who have requirements for protection and feel.

Black Rhino Pro Case

As a multi-functional anti-drop phone case, it can be seen that the overall appearance is very tough. It also has a folding stand design, which can be adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle according to different usage scenarios. It can be used with the ring on the stand and can also be used with a lanyard. It is very suitable for small partners who are afraid of falling and have multi-functional needs.

Explorer Pro Case

Just by looking at the name, it is suitable for outdoor use. It adopts the dual material of TPU frame and PC backplane, which can make the mobile phone not afraid of scratches and collisions and there is a hidden folding bracket, no matter the mobile phone.

Both horizontal and vertical screens can be easily supported, and the overall uneven back profile can effectively increase friction, prevent hand-slip and anti-fingerprint.

In addition, the above 4 mobile phone cases have built-in powerful magnets, which can support MagSafe magnetic charging and give everyone what they should give.

Rudhra Nandu

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