5 Reasons Why iOS Is Better Compared to Android5 Reasons Why iOS Is Better Compared to Android

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When it comes to smartphones, iOS is better, when compared to Android. Find out the 5 reasons, why iOS is better compared to Android below. Basically, there are two operating systems ruling the world. We have iOS on the one hand and Android on the other. Now there is a lot of people who like Android over iOS, and the same thing is with iOS. But the fact is, both the platforms are incredible in their own world.

Where Android is more openly to a user, the user can install different flash ROM’s and use the device to its full extent. And in the case of iOS, it is really simple in usage and has much better Apps compare to Android. From tech reports it has been proved that iOS apps are built better than Android’s apps. Though Google makes the apps for both the platforms since the iOS market value is more, they focus more attention on apps in iOS compare to android.

Here are the top 5 things, why iOS is better when compared to Android.

1. iOS Apps vs Android Apps

It doesn’t matter if you’re an iOS or an Android fan, we all know that iOS apps are better than Android apps in many ways. Firstly most of the new apps will be launched on iOS and then on Android, which makes iOS superior to Android. Also, iOS apps are more stable in nature compare to Android apps. And the thing is iOS apps are easier to build, whereas Android apps require a lot of coding to obtain the same amount of functionality.

2. iOS keeps everything simple

The difference between an iOS app and an Android app is, an iOS app is always simple and consistent in all the models of iOS platforms. Whereas in Android the apps have many customizable options, but they are not stable in different devices and hence Android apps lacks consistency.

3. iOS updates vs Android updates

When an iOS user gets an update, it is actually available for all kind of iOS supporting devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Whereas in Android, the updates are available depending upon different manufacturer’s device you use. Different companies manufacture Android devices, so the users have to wait for the company to release the update for the device, which is quite annoying.

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4. iOS security vs Android security

Security issues have always been found in Android more often. According to a threat Report, Pulse Secure estimated that over 95% of all malware is actually written for Android devices. Because most of the population uses Android these days, which makes the device outdated software an easy target. Whereas iOS gets updates in time, and if any security problem is found, they also provide security patches. This makes iOS superior to Android.

5. Advertisements

In Android apps, there are too many ads compare to iOS apps, because the iOS team is very concerned about the ads when they are approving apps to sell on the app store. This makes iOS better than Android.

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