This 5-second video will crash your iPhoneThis 5-second video will crash your iPhone

Apple’s iOS software is again in debts of questions from Apple fans after a video went viral that will crash any iPhone in just 5 secs. There are speculations that Apple’s privacy can also be compromised by this. A five-second video can lock and freeze any iPhone device. Recently Reddit users have discovered this problem and also tried on an iPhone.

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Any iPhone user just needs to click on the MP4 file and just watch it and after 5 seconds the phone will lock and freeze completely without any caution indication.

Also, this bug was tested by The Verge on a couple of iPhones and the result was same all the devices were frozen. It was tested on the iPhones which are running the iOS 10.1 update latest, and beta copies of iOS 10.2.

Basically, this trick works by a link that is attached to the video. It will force the device to play the video by in the default player. And this video is corrupted like it generated a loop that causes the iPhone to crash around 10 seconds after watching the video.

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Also, one thing was clear during these experiments with different iPhones that this video is a threat only when it is sent as a link. When the user opens the link automatically the video starts playing with device’s default player and generate a loop that will crash the device after 5 seconds.

When the video is normally transferred as a file then there are no crash reports. There is a way to recover from this crash and that is to hold the power button and home button at the same time to perform a hard reset. So when you do that your phone will get rebooted and functions normally.

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Apple has encountered these types of crashes earlier too but this seems little disturbing because if that video file is re-coded then it could compromise the device’s privacy.

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