If you want to get more wins in your Valorant game, there are some key things you must master. Among them, some key factors you must consider include movement and shooting. Some movement and aiming techniques are just indispensable in Valorant.

You probably never knew about this; that’s why we’ve taken the time to compile the tips you’ll find in this article. These tips will help you discover some practices to improve your shooting and movement in the game. Valorant Cheats from Battlelog are also a good recommendation if you want to have the edge over your opponents.

5 tips and tricks for movement and shooting in Valorant

  1. Your weapon’s recoil matters

Valorant has different guns with different recoil patterns. If ignored, your gun’s recoil pattern can go a long way in ruining your shots. Thankfully, Valorant has a practice range that you can use to study the recoil of the different guns available in the game.

Just in case you are wondering, your weapon’s recoil is that phenomenon that makes your crosshair veer off-target after the first few shot. To compensate for this, take a few seconds to readjust your crosshair to target after you’ve fired your first 4 to 5 shots.

  1. Crouch to save your head

Many aiming guides you’ll find on most first-person shooter games will always advise you to aim for the head. This is because headshots deal the highest damage on their victims – way deadlier than shots to the body or legs. Therefore, you’ll expect many of your enemies to aim at your head region. That’s why it is important to stay in a crouching position during gunfights. 

However, not all players are skilled enough to know that their crosshairs should always be at head level. Therefore, you’ll have to pay attention to your opponent’s shooting pattern. It shouldn’t take long to spot a noob; they often aim at chest level. If you’re playing against a noob, crouching might be a bad idea – stand instead.

  1. Don’t move while shooting.

Unlike many other FPS games, Valorant has a design that pays attention to even the slightest movements made while shooting. So, if you’re coming from COD or Siege, be open to making a few changes to your shooting style. These other FPS have minimal effect on your aim when you’re in motion.

Running and aiming simultaneously leaves you with zero chances of hitting your target in Valorant. Instead of this, make a short dash, stop, and shoot. Then continue in the same pattern. This way, it’s a lot easier to hit your targets while being a hard target for an inexperienced shooter.

  1. Strafing and counter-strafing

Strafing is done by running sideways in both directions and stopping at intervals to fire shots. Since your valorant guns have the least precision when you’re in motion, strafing can help compensate for this. To use this technique effectively, you should also learn to counter-strafe.

Counter-strafing helps you to stop at any instant while strafing. You can simply do this by pressing the button that will take you to the left while you’re in motion towards the right. This makes you stop immediately and take a shot. Spend some time practicing this; you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Be in motion constantly.

It’s almost impossible to get a precise shot on a moving target. That’s why it’s important to always be on the move at any given time while playing Valorant. You never can tell if the last step you took helped you to escape a headshot from a sniper in the distance.

Strafing is a very welcome technique whenever you’re implementing this tip in your game. Also, varying the pace at which you run further makes it difficult to aim at you as you’re unpredictable. Peeking will also save you a lot. Make effective use of it when moving around corners.


Movement and shooting are a major part of your Valorant game and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, find some time to practice the tips we’ve mentioned above. The important thing is that you learn to place your crosshair at head level.

Alongside, it will serve you if you implement techniques that will help you evade some bullets. Techniques such as peeking and strafing will make you an almost impossible target to hit. Lastly, good knowledge of your gun’s recoil pattern will better help you hit your targets.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

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