Tech plays a part in everyone’s daily living with most people having access to a mobile device from which they can plan events, hold communications, take photographs, record speech and far more actions that most of us are even aware of.  Whilst the world of tech can feel a little overwhelming, if your partner, friend or relative is someone who loves gadgets, then you are probably looking for birthday gift ideas that you can be assured they will appreciate.

Show you care

Some of the best gifts are those that are spontaneously gifted rather than being asked for. With the women in your life, you will know that a bouquet out of the blue is well received and the same is true when considering anniversary gift ideas for her. If she is having trouble sleeping, consider a gift of noise-masking sleepbuds, or if your green-fingered lady no longer has a garden, she will appreciate a smart garden in which to grow fresh vegetables and herbs indoors.

Support their hobby

If your techie is keen on the latest in all things photography, whether for their Instagram page or to print out their best photos, consider a piece of kit that will show your support for their hobby which could also be an item they have on their wish list but not be at a point of being able to buy it for themselves.  This could be a mini photo printer that can be used directly with a smartphone, a stylish camera bag, a custom-made camera strap as unique as they are or a levelling camera cube.

Love me, love my dog

When searching for birthday gifts for the person who has everything or who is trying to declutter their life, consider a gift that will help them keep their pet Fido or Felix happy and healthy. If they have a dog, a high-tech collar with an inbuilt GPS tracker as well as an activity monitor will offer reassurance that their pooch is safe and well.

For those who like their coffee hot

For busy people, it is often the case that a freshly made cup of coffee, chai, chocolate or warm soup becomes too cold to enjoy. This is particularly so for new parents or others so immersed in a project that they forget their drink. There are now smart mugs that keep drinks at a precisely set temperature that will keep them hot on a single charge. Absentmindedly drinking cold coffee again can be consigned to history and that will be the best birthday gift for many.

Upgrade a Go-Pro to a drone

Technology is changing all the time.  If your tech enthusiast has been enjoying a Go-Pro, a drone might be the obvious next step in recording.  Even an entry-level drone will include a powerful lens to capture aerial photos and video in stabilized 4K and these can be controlled by their phone. Gift a drone with more features than one sold as a toy as these work better whilst still being affordable.

Fast charging of multiple devices

Unless you are Oprah Winfrey with your own staff to make sure all your devices are fully charged, a portable and wireless fast charger is a gift that will become a vital piece of kit for most people once they have it. Perfect for the office, a fast charger can be in use and be charging at the same time. Gift the model which is compatible with their mobile devices and one that can charge at least two devices at the same time.