7 Android Apps You Must Uninstall Right Now7 Android Apps You Must Uninstall Right Now

In the world of smartphones, Apps are the key ingredients for every purpose. From listening music to calling by the internet we all use apps. But we don’t realize what could happen if we install apps without full information of the specific app. We just cannot use the app without knowing all the info about it. Because everything comes with disadvantages in the tech world. Nothing is perfect and secured, So here are few apps which are dangerous to your phone and you don’t know the dirty history about them.

People just use these apps because they have good functionality and also good performance, Yet they fail to know what could go wrong. Programmers are using apps as their helping hand to get access to users data and these apps are also not designed well. So they can damage your device without any alert. Recently google play has received a lot of negative reviews about apps which are causing serious problem to users with the device software damage and other similar issues.

7 Android Apps You Must Uninstall Right Now.

Here are the list of apps you must uninstall:

1. Quickpic


This app is a very easy to use for photo gallery. The specialty of this app is that recently it received frequent updates which led to gather more users to install this app for good communication. But then they started to upload users personal info to their own server. Luckily one google plus user found the data by a DNS request.

2. ES File Explorer:


ES File Explorer is a free version powerful file manager app with a huge number of downloads. But this software is filled with bloatware which causes the device functioning problems and nags your device to download apps.

3. UC Browser


I personally love this app even over google chrome, But recently rumors turned to a feud that this browser has security, privacy issues.

4. Cleanit


This app advertises apps which are harmful to your phone. Since it is a catch cleaning app. You will end up cleaning all catch of your phone which will lead to load the data lost in the cache for your browser’s.

5. Music Player

Music Player
Music Player

Basically, this app is useful to listen to songs, But it has advertisements which are not a problem, The problem is that this app is literally eating user’s data. Users commented on google play mentioning GB’s of data was consumed.

6. DU battery saver & fast charge

DU battery saver & fast charge
DU battery saver & fast charge

This is the worst among all just advertisements and all same stuff. This app doesn’t do anything when you install it. But what this is famous for are ads. And they are everywhere when you install it.

7. Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin Web Browser
Dolphin Web Browser

This browser is an ad-free flash support browser. Just like UC browser even this has privacy issues. The main problem is that this browser saves the incognito mode web site visits of the user to a file. Which is not a good thing because obviously incognito is preferred for private use.

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