There Are 7 Hidden Games Which You Can Play In Google Right Now

Do you know Google has kept some fun games as top secret? There are no less than 7 hidden games which you can play to remove stress from your daily routine. These games are also useful for children’s as they also teach you about geography, aeronautics, and physics. These games come under categories like arcade and knowledge games. You can disclose these games by simply Google search.

Gadgetsay has gathered all the seven hidden games from Google and Android devices. By doing a simple Google search you will find the 3 hidden Google Search games stated below:

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1. Atari Breakout – To play this game you just have to type the name of this game in Google’s image search. “Atari breakout” is a very easy game introduced by Atari Inc. In the game, you have to play with a red ball and a paddle. Your task is to make the ball fly and touch the blocks in the above of the paddle.

2. Pac-Man – This is an arcade game which is very famous around the world, even people bet on this game and rare players have won this game. It is introduced by Namco. In this game, you just have to eat the Pac-dots and stay away from the ghosts.

3. Zerg Rush – This is a strategy game. Zerg Rush is an expression referring to a swarm attack from the video game Starcraft. You have to crash the falling 0’s otherwise they damage your search results.

The following are the games hidden on Android devices 

4. T-Rex Game – If you don’t have the internet connection then you doesn’t need to worry. Still, you can play this game because Google has enclosed you. You have to Open Chrome on your Android device and search for “t-rex”. You have to tap on the display to have your T-Rex hop over problems. Then enjoy playing your game.

5. Flappy Droid – it is a version of Google’s Flappy Bird. Those users who have Lollipop and Marshmallow (Android versions 5 and 6) operating on their android phones can find this game. The process of searching Flappy Droid is, go to Settings, then About Phone and then on Android version. Then you will come to know the version of your android phone. If you have version 5 or 6 – tap on the Android version text rapidly and a new screen will open with an M. Press and hold the M to see a lollipop or a marshmallow. You can begin playing your game by clicking the sweet treat.

The following are the games hidden in Google Maps and Earth

6. Smarty Pins – There are two ways of searching this game. The first option is, searching for it on Google Maps and the second is, by visiting this game’s official site. This game is all about learning geography.

7. Google Earth Flight Simulator – This game is located under the tools menu. This game allows you to travel over cities of the world from your home.

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