7 Most Powerful Android Applications Even Publicly Mentioned7 Most Powerful Android Applications Even Publicly Mentioned

This article is all about Android application and this time we are Focussing on the application that can be used in Non-Rooted device, basically In this article I am going to show you seven application that can make your android device more powerful and beautiful and the best thing is you don’t need any root access to do this.

I hope everyone is going to use the applications and after using please comment us your experience.

So Let’s Get Started…..

1. Start (Download): Start is basically a Lockscreen app that replaces your Stock Android Lock Screen with many cool kinds of stuff, you can do a lot of customization with your Lock Screen with this app, you can access your favourite app right from the lock screen and the animation of Start app is very Smooth. Customize your Lock Screen Right Now with this App.

Start Final-min

2. Native Clipboard (Download): Native Clip Board helps you to copy and paste texts faster, when you double tap on any text field a window will pop up with the list of words you can paste, then choose a word and it will automatically paste it. This App is very convenient as you are not limited to copying and pasting one word at a time. This app will surely save your Time.

native final-min

3.Portal (Download): Portal makes it easier to transfer files from computer to your Android device. All you have to do is install the app on your Android device and then Open “portal.pushbullet.com” from your computer and then from your Portal App you will have to scan a QR Code that is generated on the PC and then your PC and Android device gets connected and then just simply Drag and drop the files on the website to get the files on your Phone.

portal final-min

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4.Solid Explorer File Manager (Download): It is one of the best file manager available in the play store, with this app you can manage files on almost every location and it also has some customization option Like themes and colour schemes, you can also extract the Zip file with the help of this application. The application is very convenient and time-saving.

Solid FE Final-min

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5. Micopi (Download): How many of those contacts in your phone have contacts image of the actual persons face on it ?. I know probably less than 20%. This application Generates Geometric Images based on your contacts name for each contact on your phone.

micopi final-min

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6. MathAway (Download): This is a very Good Application for students, According to me it is the ultimate version of calculator for solving Maths equations. It can help you For trigonometry, Algebra, calculus, Chemistry equation and lots more. It also has a camera Feature from which you can take a photo of equations and the app will try to solve it. Try it, the app is far better than Stock calculator.

mathway final-min

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7. TextPand (Download): This is a very cool app that saves time while texting or writing some things, Basically it assigns shortcuts to your frequently used texts, so when you write that shortcuts on any text field it will Expand the text that you have written inside the shortcut. You can also set dynamic values like Date, time etc, It has a Simple and clean UI to let you add and manage your phrases with ease. Try it.

TextPand final-min

So all these 7 Android Applications will work on your device without any lag. And these 7 Powerful Android application has iOS applications too if you find any application valuable and useful then please add your comment below so that others can understand and get things more easily!

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