7 Most Powerful Rooted Android Application Turns Your Device Into A Beast7 Most Powerful Rooted Android Application Turns Your Device Into A Beast

This is a very important article because in this article we are going to discuss on Seven rooted Android Application that can turn our Android device into a Beast. After using the applications which we are going to discuss your Android device will become more powerful. Do tell us which application you liked the most by simply commenting in the comment box. So are you Ready? Here We Go:

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1. Xposed(Download): Xposed is basically a Tool that’s let’s you install several Modules for Android Customization and tweaks and also one of the most famous as well as powerful android Application that lets you enjoy the features of custom Android ROMs without actually installing the ROM itself.


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2. System App Remover(Download): One of the important reasons for Android users to root their phones is to Uninstall The bloatware, Now you must be thinking what is bloatware??, Bloatware is basically the system Application that comes with an Android device by default and cannot be un-installed and with this application you can uninstall Bloatware Apps and free up your RAM and memory.

System App Remover_final-min

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3. Disk Digger(Download): Sometimes accidentally we delete some of the important photos or videos that we want to keep, in that case, Disk Digger will help you a lot. Basically, this application can undeleted and recover lost photos and images from your memory card or internal memory. You can also try the Pro-Version of this app to recover more types of files besides photos and videos.

Disk digger_final-min

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4. Greenify(Download): It is one of the best Android Rooted Application that can help you to optimize the battery life and performance of your Android Device. Basically, Greenify hibernates the applications automatically when the application is not needed.


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5. GL Tools(Download): This Android application is basically a is a custom OpenGL driver that is compatible with most popular GPUs and ARM processors. It can be used to change rendering resolution and bit depth, control textures, apply anti-aliasing for better graphics quality, and optimize shades on-the-fly.


6. Titanium backup(Download): When we are talking about titanium Backup, then we are talking about the most popular backup tool . Titanium backup lets you easily backup and restores your apps and data, including protected and system apps. Do try this app, it is very helpful.

Titanium backup_final-min

7. Flashify(Download): The famous android Application mostly used by Custom Rom users. You can Flash your boot.img, recovery.img and zip files easily with Flashify. You can also backup your current recovery, kernel and lots more to local storage or cloud storage So that you can revert back easily.


So these 7 most popular and most using rooted Android application that just have seen you can follow our YouTube Channel also you can follow us on Twitter to always get perfect things right front of you!

The Android application we mentioned is only for educational purpose, we do not mean to harm anyone or for any personal intension just enjoy and drop your review on below commenting box.

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