800 Million Android Qualcomm Chipset Phones May Get Hacked800 Million Android Qualcomm Chipset Phones May Get Hacked

Android users may get hacked if they have Qualcomm chipset in their smartphones. Yes, you heard me right. To owners of android a warning about the security flaws from the team of android about the bug which can cause the device get hacked and the hacker can get full access to the device and data. Well it doesn’t end here the problem has been identified and the results are there are about 900 million phone users who could get hacked.

Though it is a good news for the other chipset users of android because they are safe. But the Qualcomm users have a serious problem ahead and the models of Qualcomm chipset are the following smartphones. HTC 1, Sony Xperia Z-ultra, Google Nexus 5s and 6p, LG G5, Samsung Galaxy s7 and s7 Edge.

Basically, the phone’s will get affected by 4 vulnerable issues and those are caused by some coding in the software. As the information is viral the users of the android with Qualcomm chip users of the above phones were horrified and the officials had to sort it out before its too late.

Though there is no evidence that the flaws have been exploited till now. And the information about this was told to Qualcomm team back in the month of April. They postponed this news for android users for 90 days and gave the Qualcomm team a headstart to sort out the problem.

Since the Qualcomm team is already on a headstart meanwhile they released an app known as QuadRooter Scanner. Which will scan the device and give you the information if your device is exploited?

According to the flaws detected if any four of the four flaws are affected then the android can be hacked. The hacker needs to do only 1 thing and that is to make you install an app which ask’s for no permissions and then it will breach the flaws and with the help of those four flaws the phone’s security can be breached and the phone will get hacked.

Qualcomm confirmed to checkpoint that it will release patches to the phone and tablets, Download the app QuadRooter Scanner to check if your phone is exploited.

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