9 Steps To Remove Facebook Virus Which Has Infected Over 800,000 Users9 Steps To Remove Facebook Virus Which Has Infected Over 800,000 Users

A new malware affected near 800,000 Facebook users globally just by clicking a single video link, the matter is so serious that even Facebook unable to analysis which links they need to block from posting on Facebook.

The virus is a video link, if your friend send you the video link and you clicked on that link then it will redirect you to a website asking you to download a plug-in to watch the video.

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Once the victim downloads the plug-in on their device the trouble just got started, after download, you would be able to see the plug-in just after that the attacker’s plug-in starts collecting your browsers cookies which hold your Users ID and Passwords which means all those credentials that you really don’t want to share with anyone.

And how it spread to others? once the plug-in has access to your account then it will send that video link to your friends and then the same process goes on and on.

One of the researchers stated to New York Times “The attacks were growing rapidly, with 40,000 new cases an hour

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How To Block Or Secure Yourself From This Serious Virus? Follow the below step and you will be sure secure.

The steps to follow, if you have any doubt you can ask using below commenting box.

Step1. Open your Facebook account and go to your settings using drop-down button right corner of your FB page.

Go To Your Facebook Settings
Go To Your Facebook Settings

Step2. Go to Apps Setting.

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Step3. Go with the screen click on Edit

screen click on Edit
screen click on Edit

Step4. Now Turn Platform Off by Clicking Disable Platform.

Turn Platform Off by Clicking Disable Platform
Turn Platform Off by Clicking Disable Platform

Now from settings all you have completed but there are some more you need to do.

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Step5. Go to your Facebook Inbox (messages) and delete all the suspicious spam messages.

Step6. Now Change your Facebook Password.

Step7. Now it’s time to clean your device using CCleaner and clean the cache.

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Step8. If you are using your computer for Facebook then you must clean your Temporary files, for that from desktop screen press Win+R as Windows button and R button simultaneously and you will be prompt as Run box and on that type %temp% and hit enter, you will see a window with many files, select all by CRTL+A and delete it by Shift+Del button. and if some of them aren’t able to delete that means they are on working process so do as skip!

Step9. Now if you are using Chrome or Firefox for Facebook accessing then reset your browsers, for Chrome goes to setting -> and then scroll down to click on Show Advance button and then scroll a bit down end you will see Reset Setting, click on that and done with your Chrome browser. Now on your Firefox do the same!

All possible security you completed to safe from that virus, I hope these steps will be helpful to you, if any question you have you can ask using below-commenting box, so last and final warning to you that do not click any link which you are not familiar with, just get an idea that how a link looks like even do not click on any URL shorten links, those links may refer you to malware sites.

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