A Guy Challenged Two Hackers And Now His Digital Life Is DestroyedA Guy Challenged Two Hackers And Now His Digital Life Is Destroyed

Stupidity is normal in humans when it is up to a limit, But when someone crosses the line, There are consequences waiting for you and something like this happened to a guy, Who crossed the line. You don’t mess with few kind of people in this world. Your Boss, your Bills and certainly not With “Hackers”. Yes, you don’t get to mess with them at all. Because those are people.

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Who have spent their lifetime in doing what they do. Never ever mess with a hacker, neither challenge him. Entrepreneurs are sick of them what makes normal people then? Irritated, Frustrated? Well let me share this news with you and I bet you. You will be stunned for sure.

A guy named Kevin Roose has fallen in the tombstone When he decided to challenge two Hackers to ruin his life. Well, he knew what is coming and so this Hackers gave him a lesson of his life. People don’t mess with hackers, Why? Simple, Because they are not normal people and they certainly don’t like someone challenging their capabilities at any point in time.

But this guy Kevin Roose did something which made him regret for his lifetime. At DEFCON, Kevin challenged two Hackers who are experts in the hacking field telling them to do the best they can to destroy his life. Now he does realize that he has challenged them and they could do anything wrong with his social life, But the results were unbelievable. Both the hackers decided to ruin his life once and for all.


In two week they took control over his email accounts, webcam, Bank accounts and other work and private details as well. Kevin never had any idea that he would be facing this storm, Yet he started this whole thing and it was their time to end it.

Kevin regretted soo much that he wrote a few things on his blog saying “It didn’t matter how good my defenses were. Against a pair of world-class hackers, my feeble protections were about as useful as cardboard shields trying to stop a rocket launcher. For weeks, these hackers owned the hell out of me.” further, he said, “They bypassed every defense I’d set up, broke into the most sensitive and private information I have, and turned my digital life inside out.”

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