A Virtual Holographic Girlfriend For Those Who Is Still SingleA Virtual Holographic Girlfriend For Those Who Is Still Single

A Virtual Holographic Girlfriend For Those Who Are Still Single

A Japanese company has launched Azuma Hikari, which is a holographic virtual supporter. This product is launched for the people who are working and living alone in urban cities. This product is available online. Many Japanese ethnicities focused us, this is one of them.

The company has made this product keeping in mind a person’s expectations from a voice supporter. Azuma is a holographic internet-connected anime girlfriend who interacts with you from the morning as your brush your teeth till waiting for you to go to bed at night. She is a 20-year-old girl and may seem to measure 1.58 meters.

When you are at work, she will send you messages to come home soon to spend some time watching TV with you. Azuma has the power of controlling the lights and air conditionig of your house. She is also able to sense human existence in the house with the help of the motion sensor present in the Gatebox.

Azuma can make out the appearance of her master with the help of a camera and a mic, fitted on the Gatebox and can listen to what the master is demanding for. She has a human voice to interact with the master. HDMI port present on Gatebox helps you to see Azuma, your anime girlfriend.

The original name of the voice-activated speaker is Gatebox, which looks like a coffee machine. There are some other sensors present in the Gatebox like touch buttons, motion sensor, warmth and moisture sensor, and luminance sensor. It also has WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and infrared for linking up.

This product is produced by Vinclu Inc. It has 300 pieces of the edition. Azuma Hikari is the first character in the Gatebox Company. She has different qualities. The cost of Gatebox is $2,700. The company has said that they will introduce more characters like Azuma in future.

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