Advertise On Gadgetsay

Hope you and your company are doing well, as you have visited Gadgetsay advertising page where you will find some policies on Gadgetsay Advertising.

Acceptance of product

We accept all products related to technology. Products such as gadgets and software and other online legal activity, we accept several ad services and if any company working with us they must have all the information and must agree with the policy of

Product Visibility

Once the product is published on Gadgetsay we have mutually agreed that both trust each other. The product will be visible on Gadgetsay if the advertiser does not violate any policy of Gadgetsay.

Advertiser Frauderance

If any advertiser found guilty or does any fraudulent with Gadgetsay. Gadgetsay will discontinue working with the advertiser and will void all the contracts with the advertiser and all the past deals will be called off and nonrefundable, Behaviors such as Rude or intentionally hurting our company.

Benefits working With Gadgetsay

Once the advertiser starts working with Gadgetsay. Gadgetsay will provide several benefits on sure product sales. Advertisers will have more benefits as long Term Agreements. If the contract is for the long term then Gadgetsay will provide low payment benefits.

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