This is Why Airplanes Have A Hole At The Bottom Of Every WindowThis is Why Airplanes Have A Hole At The Bottom Of Every Window

Have you ever been on an airplane? If yes then this article will let you know about the thing which you might or might not have noticed yet? If not then this article will give you an idea about why airplanes have this secret thing in the windows. You might have noticed that on the bottom of the window there is a small circular shape hole. Now don’t panic I will tell you why it is there since everything exists for a reason.

Actually, It is for the safety purpose. Now you might be wondering how? And how does a hole help in safety measures? Well, The answer is pretty clear. It is called as the breather hole which maintains the amount of pressure which is passing between the inner window’s and outer window’s panes. How it works is, The hole situated in such a way that ensures when there is a situation where the outer pressure is more than normal pressure then the outer pane bears all the pressure.

This is Why Airplanes Have A Hole At The Bottom Of Every Window
This is Why Airplanes Have A Hole At The Bottom Of Every Window

Well, Not only that but the hole plays a major role in keeping the window fog free by absorbing the moisture which is stuck between both inner and outer panes.

There are three panes inner,middle and outer which are basically made of synthetic resin. And the inner pane is a safe one in all the three of them. Even if any incident like more air pressure occurs then the outer pane would be harmed and still the passenger is safe above 30,000 feet of height.

Robbie Gonzalez spoke up with Marlowe Moncur who is the director of Technology for GKN Aerospace, And the world leader in passenger cabin window design development and manufacturing. He took his question to the next level by tracking down a copy of maintenance manual for the Boeing 737 ((the most widely produced jet airliner in aviation history) which helps in understanding the purpose of the illustrations that are helpful for understanding the purpose of the “breather hole”. And the above reasons were answered for the question.

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