This AirSelfie Camera Lets You Snap Selfies From The AirThis AirSelfie Camera Lets You Snap Selfies From The Air

This AirSelfie Camera Lets You Snap Selfies From The Air

Taking selfies with your phone is all the craze. But do you have difficulty to get everyone in the picture while capturing a quick group selfie? Well, you don’t need to struggle with a selfie stick anymore. Thanks to AirSelfie, a mini-drone with a built-in camera that can take pictures from any distance of the surrounding area.

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It is portable, fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use for a perfect selfie. The most striking feature about the AirSelfie is its compact design. It is a pocket-sized handheld drone camera that can slide into a custom phone case for storage and charging. If you don’t mind a little extra bulk on your phone, you can carry it with you always in a handy cover.

The drone can be controlled with its associated app for iOS and Android. Presently it has three flight modes with varying degrees of control:


  • Selfie mode- It is the most basic mode. You only have to set the distance to yourself with the on-screen buttons.
  • Motion Control mode- This mode allows you to operate the AirSelfie like a normal drone. You can control the drone with a virtual joystick for more flight options.
  • Flying mode- To engage Flight mode, rotate the phone into landscape orientation. The AirSelfie hovers horizontally to take a picture.

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The AirSelfie gives you three minutes of flying/recording time, but that is enough time for its intended use. When you’re done flying, just pull the AirSelfie safely out of the air with your bare hand. Return it to its case and it will recharge in 30 minutes. The drone is powered by four propellers; it has an integrated camera that shoots five megapixels stills or HD video.


Created by a UK startup, AirSelfie will be available for purchase early 2017 and is estimated to cost around £150.  There’s still work to be done. Some questions like how well would it perform when there are lots of people in the frame, and how sharp the video looks need answering. But the technological pursuit is impressive; it is a promising twist on a familiar concept that we can’t wait to see in action.

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