Aliens Can Control And Collect Stars For Developing Their CivilisationAliens Can Control And Collect Stars For Developing Their Civilisation

A senior scientist, Dan Hooper with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory has sketched in a paper about the aliens who live apart from our planet. The aliens can keep their cities alive by assembling and stocking the stars to power up their future. With the help of dark energy, our universe is developing at an accelerating rate. The paper also includes the uploaded to the arXiv preprint server which gives the details of their collecting and storing stars.

The scientist also claims that this will be a quick extend of creating a tremendous structure near the stars. As using the stars they can get power which will help them for future civilization. Gadgetsay has collected all the detailed information about the conversation made by Dan Hooper toward the aliens which we will share with you all. A Dyson sphere is an arrangement which is able to create stars and get energy. The Dyson was basically introduced by Freeman Dyson.

Aliens Can Control And Collect Stars For Developing Their Civilisation
Aliens Can Control And Collect Stars For Developing Their Civilisation

The sphere was first visualized as a collection of satellites which surrounded a star to get energy. This energy can be used for any plans in developing the civilization. Hooper states that aliens could be creating the same sketch to produce energy the universe will become vast enough to an unsupportable size. As they reach their way of controlling renewable energy they will create Dyson spheres which is a purpose of extreme astrophysical research.

In the previous investigation, it gave the proof that the universe is not only increasing but also gaining speed due to dark energy. Which is giving an example of a scene where everything in the universe moving will be dumped far away from everything else. This situation will make the galaxies separated but the element will remain as it is because of connection by gravity. Hooper wonders, what will an alien group manage to secure a regular source of power? He advises that surely the aliens might be assembling stars at this time, and making easy for the days when the star will be far away to get.

Hooper also added that this scenario is far enough, like from now 100 billion years. He claims that the aliens were collecting stars from a galaxy and deporting them to some other galaxy. Every time of journey, of the shipment, might take billions of years. He concluded that if this type of action is going on then, we humans would able to see and confirm only by looking up in the stars. Which will be like moving between galaxies or the holes present in the galaxies, where the aliens have previously excluded the stars.

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