All About Google's New Operating system FuchsiaAll About Google's New Operating system Fuchsia

Google has been growing little fast. Google has always come up with something revolutionary and recently the soli project was heard which is unbelievable. But guess what? Google is planning for another operating system. Yes, you heard me right. Google already own’s Android and chrome but there is a big news today, And that is “Fuchsia”. The new operating system of google which will be coming soon. Now you might be wondering why? Well, why not?

At this point, google has not talked anything much about it. But there is a source code out. A guy from Google Gieselbrecht has confirmed that this operating system will be available for Rasberry pi 3. Well, not only that but there have been speculations like this OS will run everywhere around devices like intel galileo and Rasberry pi 3 including computer and smartphones. The possibilities are endless, Google is the most innovative companies out there.

The operating system is defined with 2 words as for now from google I,e Pink+Purple=Fuchsia( New Operating system ). This operating system is based on a new language DART which is being used by google more often. And it is sais that FUCHSIA’S CORE CODE has been designed as a very lightweight. Well, not only that but this operating system code is built on Magenta. Magenta is a medium range size Microkernel. Which is based on a project called Littlekernel.

The os will be installed in new smartphones and also in computers/laptops,high-speed fast processors and an incidental amount of Ram’s. In Google’s documentation, the following points were revealed. Also, there has been news that Magenta supports few number of advanced features like User mode’s and capacity based security model. Also, there has been rumors that this operating system will support for graphics rendering.

When the press asked about the Pink+purple=Fuchsia during IRC chat Swetland reportedly said: “The decision was made to build it open source, so might as well start there from the beginning.”

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