These Amazing Boots Will Make You Run Faster Than A CarThese Amazing Boots Will Make You Run Faster Than A Car

Have you ever thought if you could run 25 miles per hour? Well, the answer is clear we can’t. But what if I tell you that it is possible and already a man has done this before. Yes, a guy name Keahi Seymour from San Fransisco has been developing different prototypes of boots. In October 2014 he demonstrated speedy shoes which were made by himself during World Maker Faire at the New York.

With the bionic boots which were made after experimenting with different prototypes by Keahi Seymour finally, he figured out the final and proper prototype. By wearing these bionic boots you can run 25 miles per hour. Which is insanely high speed when compared to the speed of a normal human being running on his feets.

1. Keahi Seymour is the fastest man on the planet now with these bionic boots, A picture of him running on his bionic boots.

bionic 2

2. He used to observe fast animals like kangaroos, cheetahs in order to understand the logic of gaining speed which can be implemented in the prototype.

bioic 5

3. When he was 12 years old he made his first ever drawing of his prototype of the previous stages of bionic boots.

bio pro

4. He loves speed in any form whether in birds like Ostrich or animals like cheetahs. From his childhood he wanted to run as fast as he can, He decided to make a machine help him as scientifically human speed can be up to a limit.

bro aa

5. In 2014 he presented his invention in New York during a festival for the new inventors who invent things respective of their passion.

bio bb

6. He named his shoes as Ostrich-inspired robotic boots Because he was soo much inspired with the height of ostrich and speed of the bird.

bio shoes

7. Seymour is basically from Solihull, A place in England country.

bio 99

8. Seymour with the bionic boots on stands 7 feet tall, and can run 25 mph which is insanely high speed.

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