Amazing Trick To Compress 1 GB of File Into 100 MBAmazing Trick To Compress 1 GB of File Into 100 MB

Have you ever noticed that most of the games that are being compressed, after extracting become so large? Have you ever wondered that how it is done? What if I say that you can use the same procedure to save your Hard Disk’s Space??.

For example, you can turn 1 GB file to 100 MB that means you will save 900 MB disk space. Sometimes we find ourselves in a dilemma that which file to keep and which file to discard but after this tutorial, you don’t have to delete your favorite files.

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The tutorial is very easy, anyone who has a basic computer knowledge can do this tutorial easily. This Trick May or May does not work on Some Files, we have personally tested this on several files and it works fine for us. Do tell us your experience in our comment box.

Things You Need:

KGB Archiver(Download)

Step 1: Download and Install KGB Archiver.

Step 2: Open KGB archiver and then Choose “Compress Files” Option and then Click on “Next”.

Step 3: Now Tap on the Three Dot button.

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Step 3: Now Go and check the file size, Voila, Your File is compressed Now.

Step 4: For extracting The compressed File. Open KGB Archiver and then Choose Decompress archive and then follow the instructions given by the software.


Note: Every Tutorial In Gadgetsay is for Educational purpose, We are not Responsible for any Loss.

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