Here Is Why All The Americans Will Have A Microchip Implant By 2018Here Is Why All The Americans Will Have A Microchip Implant By 2018

Here Is Why All The Americans Will Have A Microchip Implant In 2018

NBC a Television and broadcasting company has claimed and confirmed that a microchip will be implanted in the body of all the Americans. This will help the government of America to allow immediate identification of the person’s identity with the help of his face, eyes, and fingerprints etc. This technology will be very helpful in finding the identities of all the persons of America, And with the help of it, the government will have full control over a person if anything goes wrong. Also, this technology will provide security from the theft and problems such as robbery.

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This will act as a safeguard of your personal identity. Apart from that, All the homes will be equipped with security locks which will open with your fingerprint. Also, departmental stores will scan iris of eyes for the process of making payment. There is no doubt that Life after a few years would become completely beyond our imagination. Here are few things which are the major elements of this technology.

1. The Detection and surveillance would be possible in a matter of few seconds.

2. No one can lie about their personal identity And location etc.

Microchip Implant
Microchip Implant

3. Identification will be made through the contours of the face, And the iris of eyes and fingerprints.

4. Within few years, biometric technology would become very advance that for a complex special recognition the programs will identify a specific person out of a crowd of thousands of persons.

Microchip Implant In 2017
Microchip Implant In 2017

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5. Many people still feel that this would be the violation of personal privacy and human rights.


6. There would be much special software’s that will scan your eyes, contours of face against given database.

7. National Medical Device Registry” mentions a “Class II Device That is Implantable.”

8. This microchip can control the food and money of people on a grand scale.

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According to source: it is being said that it is possible to kill the person with the help of the chip if they disobey the government orders.

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