Watch How Apple Store Robbed In 12 SecWatch How Apple Store Robbed In 12 Sec

California iPhone And iPad Store Robbed Within 12 Sec, An Apple Store Robbed In California

In Berkeley California, the Fourth Street Apple store which sells countless iPhones. As we all know that Christmas is coming, and this is a shopping period for all. The market is filled with individuals with their friends, families, and relatives.

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As Christmas is a festival of sharing love everyone is fond of scientific plans which are very attractive. But at the same time, the Apple store is been robbed three times in nine days, and only in 12 sec. This incident took place on November 25th, 17 hours and 40 minutes.

The thieves take thousands of euros on Apple devices in just 12 sec, where 12 sec was sufficient for them to rob the store.

In the store complete lane and normal movement of the people, three thieves entered into the Apple store grab the iPhones kept on the table for demonstration. This video was confined by the Apple Store security cameras in the Marina District, a district located in San Francisco, California. Police rampage the recording and expected that someone might recognize the criminals. The remarkable thing is the speed in which the robbery is done.

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In San Francisco Police Department spokeswoman said nobody was taken into custody. Apple also didn’t react to the statement. The iPhones which were stolen was priceless. This was not the end; again the store was beaten on November 29, at 6:20 pm local time. Only after four days with the same method of operation.

Four gunmen went inside the store grasp all the Apple products and rush out from the store. This time they took 15 sec in their work. As the stores there are broad and easily get into, this makes the robbery easier for the thieves. The product in the stores is kept in open like the clothes in the malls.

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