Messages(SMS) are a very important part of a mobile phone. The first SMS was sent in Europe in December 1992. Although nowadays the instant messaging apps are becoming more popular, still some people rely on traditional messages to communicate. Almost all the phones come with there own pre-installed SMS apps and if you own a stock Android device then your phone will have Android Messages app. Today, in this article we will compare three messaging apps i.e. Android Messages vs Verizon Messages (Message+) vs Samsung Messages.

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There are a lot of instant messaging apps nowadays, but text messaging(SMS) has its own advantage. So we have listed some of the main advantages if traditional text messaging(SMS).

  • The text messages are sent quickly without any internet using your cellular network.
  • In traditional text messages, you just have to create and send the message in your native messaging app without logging into any app or email account.

Android Messages

It was launched along with Android 5.0 Lollipop and replaces the Google Hangouts as an SMS app. Android Messages support GIFs, emojis, stickers, videos, and audio messages. In the 2018 Android messages app for the web was launched. In April 2020, the Messages app surpassed the 1 Billion installs mark. We have listed some major features of the Android Messages app.

  • You can do a rich conversation through this app by sending audio messages, emojis, or your location. Moreover, now you can even send or receive payments in this.
  • Text messages can be shared easily with your contacts.
  • It also has a dark mode for comfortable usage in low light.

Message+(Verizon Messages)

Earlier it was known as Verizon Messages. Messages+ integrate your messages across your compatible devices that might include your phone, tablet, and PC. In this app, you can even send the Gift Cards to your loved ones. To use Messages+ you must have an Android 8.0 or above running phone or device. The main features of the Messages are Group chats, Yelp integration, Share your location, send and Gift, driving mode, and HD Voice call.

Samsung Messages

It is used to send and receive text messages on Samsung devices. The Samsung Messages app comes preinstalled on all the Samsung smartphones. It supports the Dual SIM, previews for URLs, and Talkback.

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We hope the above comparison helps you to find the best suitable Messaging app for your phone. However, if you have any Query or feedback kindly use the comment box below to communicate with us.

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