Android P: In the official Android Developers Blog, it was stated that Google by mistake added a screenshot of a navigation bar interface that leaves the design “back, home, recent apps” with some bar which gives similarities to the gesture bar located on the iPhone X. After it was created Google quickly displaced the screenshot using the navigation bar which had left the pill-shaped gesture bar behind.

Android P Is Apparently Copying The iPhone X's Gesture Controls
Android P Is Apparently Copying The iPhone X’s Gesture Controls

The newly featured navigation bar does not include multitasking button, and also the home button present in the center appear much smaller like pill-shaped. Google is hiding something this is the reason why it quickly replaced the screenshot. Stephen Hall which has moderately strong sources from within Google said the gesture navigation 100% as per his reference.

Hall also added that he had been asked the back button fades and hides sometimes. There are many pending answers to get like, how the appeared gesture pill/bar will be operated if it still unclear, just in the iPhone X we swipe up to reach the home screen is it same here?. Or the swiping up we can quickly come in the app drawer.

The gesture-based navigation is a natural progression from tap-based with real or practical buttons. After you will spend time operating with an iPhone X then you will come to know why Android is simulating the gesture bar which makes sense. Now Google is only checking this navigation bar and lately, the company had already checked the other navigation bar in past Android versions which were not ever shipped.

Then also Google is supporting the screen notches as the iPhone X or Vital Phone by its Android P update. This new gesture-powered navigation bar which experienced for Android developers making a real value of bezel-less displays. We just have to wait to get more information about Android P which we will get to hear in Google’s I/O developer conference continuing next month.

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