Latest Patches: The Android manufacturers are always pretending that the smartphones are always being updated with the freshest security applications. When the security researchers from Germany made it clear that Android vendors are falsely informing the customers the phones are operating the latest updates. However, the fact is their firmware upgrades can close dropping some important applications, normally by chance. So yet you have a complete device you will feel outdated and weak in not getting the suitable OS updates.

Android Phone Are Declaring to Have Latest Patches Research Said
Android Phone Are Declaring to Have Latest Patches Research Said

According to the wired reports, after the two years of research on Android devices, German Security Research Labs (SRL) Come through that various devices had a “patch gap” this means the phone’s software needs to be updated with the latest security update. It is not a separate issue there are 1,200 phones that did examine by the firm. the devices from Google are Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and TCL, this issue is also affected the flagship designs of Samsung and Sony. The researcher Karsten Nohl said that they have found the gap within patching applications and the real patches. It is short for some devices and rather important for others.

Nohl further stated they have noticed that there is the vendor who does not install a single patch but instead of that they replaced the patch date ahead by many months. He also added that it is intentional fraud which is not common everywhere. The interesting announcement from the research is that many vendors such as Xiaomi and Nokia one and three missing patches whereas HTC, Motorola, and LG had avoided within three and four patches. The lowest performing brands were TCL and ZTE, the phone had on average over four patches that they need installation.

In order to help users, SRL Labs is launching an update to its SnoopSnitch Android app which helps the user in checking the phone’s code for the real situation. Google said that it is working with OEMs that produce certified devices into compliance. it also stated that the modified Android phones are available with security features which make it difficult for them to hack.

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