Be Alert! Android Phones Of These Brand Are Being Tracked By ChinaBe Alert! Android Phones Of These Brand Are Being Tracked By China

This is the Alert news for all android smartphone users. There are around 700 millions+ android phones launched with the feature of backdoor. Backdoor is a software which is invented by Security researchers of Kryptowire. Backdoor records all the information of the android user every minutes like contacts, messages, location and logs info. This information is confidentially sent to China  every 72 hours.

Shanghai Adups Technology, a company of China has installed the confidential “backdoor” to more than 700 millions android phones. The commercial Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) helps the company to install backdoors in BLU Android phones. This software was set up by Huawei, ZTE and American BLU which were sold in the market of China. Huawei, ZTE and American BLU sells their devices to approximately 150 countries and regions.

The objective of the Shanghai AdUps ‘Technology backdoor’ is not to harm the android customers. The accurate purpose of creating this confidential software was to trace the performance of their customer for advertising. According to The New York Times, This Company is a private company and the Chinese government is not involved in this. While it is not cleared weather backdoor is used for company advertisement or assistance for government inspection.

According to AdsUp’s; the backdoor cannot be intended to track any android phones it might be a security error or just a manufacturing mistake. It is installed by mistake in the android devices. BLU R1 HD gadget is retailed by BLU Products, a company which is established by Florida Smartphone manufacturer. This gadget is retailed in United States and South America by online stores like best buy and Amazon.

There is a detailed process of sending Smartphone information to China. Through backdoor the information is collected and sent to AdUp on every 72 hours. The information including call logs, user personally identifiable information (PII), International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) , the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), user’s location, apps installed and deleted apps. The users cannot get rid of backdoors. Backdoors are of two types com.adups.fota.sysoper and com.adups.fota.

AdUp is trying to solve this problem. They have informed BLU Products, Google, AdUp, and Amazon about the situation. In a statement AdsUp has also told that “because of malfunction of the android phones it was recording information and sending to China but now the situation is under control and the information is not sent to them anymore”. Google also said that AdsUp is trying to cope up with the victims of the backdoor and very soon they will recover it”.

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