Best 5 Surprising Android Tips You Definitely Don't KnowBest 5 Surprising Android Tips You Definitely Don't Know

Android Tips: Android operating system has changed the entire mobile platform experience, It is getting bigger and better, with new features and new updates. But we don’t know most of the simple secret tricks, Which can improve the accessibility of our phone with one tap. There are many things, which can enhance your phone’s performance by doing simple tricks.

Today, I am going to share some simple, Yet unknown tricks to operate your phone easily for performing different tasks with ease. This will definitely help you to access your phone quickly with one tap, In situations when you are in a hurry. Also, this article covers some tricks which will change your Androids personalization experience into a very easy way. Without further due, let’s get started. Follow the tricks below to perform actions quickly like never before.

Best 5 Android Tips You Don’t Know

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1. Charge Your Phone On The Go Using Power Wallet

Charge your phone, when you’re out for a coffee or dinner, Now you might be wondering, you already know this. But this trick involves a power wallet, not a power bank. The power banks look’s lame when you carry them in public places. There are power wallets available online, which will help you charge your phone when you’re out.

Power Wallet For Android Tips
Power Wallet For Android Tips

2. Stop Unless Applications From Process Stats

Stop Unless Applications From Process Stats
Stop Unless Applications From Process Stats

Everyone is fed up with those apps, Which we don’t use all day long, but they are so important, we can’t delete them either. And they are consuming our phone’s battery. So stop them by following these simple steps.

2.1.1 Enable developers option in your phone. To enable developers option
2.1.2 Open Settings, Go to About, Then tap More.
2.1.3 And then tap the “Build number” option seven times to enable Developer options.
2.1.4 Go back to Settings menu and now you’ll be able to see “Developer options” there.

Now open Developer options, Then tap on Process stats option. You’ll see apps, which are running sorted by time. Just tap the app which you want to close and tap on force stop option.

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3. What’s The Song

What's The Song
What’s The Song

If you’re listening to a song and you want to know the name of that song. Just open Google app and tap on voice option, Then say “What’s the song”. You’ll get the name of the current playing song on your device.

4. Setup Priority Option

Setup Priority Option
Setup Priority Option

If you’re in a meeting and you don’t want to answer all the calls but few. Then you can use priority mode. By pressing the lower volume button continuously until the pop-up appears. It will take you to priority option.

Now select the contacts from which you want to answer the calls from.

5. Use Pushbullet For Direct Access Of Notifications

If you want to transfer your calls notifications and texts from your phone to your computer or laptop. Install this app Pushbullet both on the phone and computer/laptop. With this app, you can easily transfer SMS and call notifications to your computer/laptop while working on them.

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