Now Android Users Can Save Videos For Offline Viewing

Facebook day by day updating its all application floating on Google Play Store but now after an update of Facebook Android application, we found a newly added feature that can save any video just to watch it later. the save will use internal memory of the device.

The video will be saved within the application of Saved Section but in the phone memory. Android user cannot take it manually to any location of the device.

If you have updated your device then you will see a drop-down menu right top corner of any Video as ‘Save Video’, the option if you click then it will be saved within your Facebook application.

The video user saved can be watched offline many times, there will be a list of videos the users have saved, the videos will not be deleted automatically until or unless the user delete it.

Facebook Inc is not providing the independent sharing of the video, Facebook doesn’t allow its users to download the entire video and share to other because they wanted to encourage the sharing formulae company is using.

The same feature Google is doing for YouTube users, in the YouTube application, you can save the video so that you can later on watch without having internet connection ON. In Facebook only two different version this can be possible, one is the version 85 and version 86 (beta).

Facebook earlier this month released a test proposal for 11 Indian page administrative to check the Save Video feature working or not.

YouTube did a clever turn with its YouTube Android application users, where the application after every 48 hours re-syn to verify whether the uploader taken down that video, the same feature Facebook willing to place on its new version of Facebook application

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