Andy Rubin Android Creator Is Inventing A High-End SmartphoneAndy Rubin Android Creator Is Inventing A High-End Smartphone

Andy Rubin Android Creator Is Inventing A High-End Smartphone

The recent plan out of the mobile phones is incredible if not including Android and iOS the two OS turn up as a thought of Smartphone. Google the tech giant had made many users overwhelmed we should be grateful for these masterminds who made it achievable. Andy Rubin is known as the fathers of Android. Who has presently prepare to discover a high-end Smartphone.

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The Essential Products Inc. is a Company which Rubin is starting with an aim of growing in a mobile environment and household devices. The mobile OS is arrived in 2003 and purchased by Google in 2005. He is functioning in Android since 2014 when Android was started. The search giant in October initiated its devices which were prepared by Google. The devices were Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Rubin’s Smartphone will be prepared particularly next to Google Pixel. It is assumed that the device will reach directly to the platform of high-end Smartphones. The peoples who are employed in the preparation of the device are particularly from Google and Apple. They are also qualified in the technological field. Rubin has up to $300 million finance from private sponsorship for the preparation of the high-end smartphone.

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Essential FIH-PM1 is the code identity of Andy Rubin’s first smartphone and there is no formal information about the code. The features can be observed by the data sheet which was emerged in Geekbench on 27th December.

This device is high-end therefore it will hold many significant features. It will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 64 bit processor. The chip will be same as of Galaxy S8 which was presented in November. It is built with 10 nanometres and has higher battery life. The battery is supported by Quick Charge 4 or USB Type-C.

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It will come with Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM. The device will operate in Android 7.0 serial Nougat. The display will be of 5.5-inch with a pressure sensor and of module fingerprint reader.

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