Anonymous Warning Message To The World: "World War III Is Near"Anonymous Warning Message To The World: "World War III Is Near"

Hacktivist group Anonymous has shared very important video recently which indicates a very strong possibility of World War III, Anonymous Hacktivist group states that the WWWIII is coming soon which will be between Rusia, China and the USA with several issues in Syria and South China Sea.

This time if there is any WWIII then not only these three countries will have their rivals but also there are many other countries who are waiting for this. If we start telling people that yes their will be WWIII then might be there are few people will believe in it.

Numbers of people still unaware of the world economic situations, everyday there are several hacks between many countries and tensions are rising constantly. With the following tensions between the stated countries the Hacktivist group has released a new video which strongly states that how and why the WWIII will take place very soon.

Recent times: the important deals were signed, The United States and the Great Britain promised to move their troops to Poland in NATO’s biggest Military built-up based which is near Russian border since the Cold War, the troops are being prepared with tactics for war.

More over to the other side of the world as Russians just finished their emergency drills which has around 40 million military personnel and civilians, the drill has been confirmed about protecting themselves against fatal chances of Nuclear and Biological War.

Recently China speaks for their country and warns them to prepare against WWIII. The Defense minister of China has told his citizen “People’s war at sea”. China has also speaks that they are holding high tech weaponry system and also they are working on its positioning and tested its Nuclear weapons.

The video says, “Even the United States has confirmed that China has tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which is capable of striking everywhere in the world within half an hour”.

Another reason for the war will be because of Syria, Civil war in Syria is a proxy war between the United States and Russia. Russian jet fighters stationed in Syria and ready to shoot down any United States jet fighter that attempts to strike on Syrian government forces.

Here is the whole Video:

Anonymous Group will come with more: “We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget.

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