Apple iOS 11 Has Started Causing Problems In iPhones And iPadsApple iOS 11 Has Started Causing Problems In iPhones And iPads

Apple iOS 11: The latest OS of Apple iOS 11 comes with lots of mind-blowing features. Although, there are many reports about the bugs included in the latest iOS 11. The iPhone and iPad users are facing critical problem after upgrading the new OS. So, let’s read in detail about the problem which is causing problems.

Apple iOS 11 Has Started Causing Problems In iPhones And iPads
Apple iOS 11 Has Started Causing Problems In iPhones And iPads

According to a report, from mobile security firm ‘Wandera‘, the biggest problem of iOS 11 is that it reduces the battery rapidly. After upgrading to iOS 11, many iPhone, as well as iPad users, observed frequent battery drainage, then they also posted their problem in social media platform. Wandera examined the new problem of iOS 11. They carried an experiment with “subset of 50,000 average to massive iPhone and iPad customers” on its systems operating iOS 11 and iOS 10.

As a result, they found that the battery time for iOS 11 user reduced twice faster compared to those operating on iOS 10. After the inspection, Wandera reports that the standby time of iOS 10 before full battery drain was 240 minutes whereas iPhones operating iOS 11, 96 minutes. The difference recorded was about 60 percent. That is, the battery draining rate for iOS 10 and iOS 11 is 0.006958 and 0.01739 percent per second, respectively.

Wandera associates some of this difference to attention re-arranging on iOS 11, and users desiring to utilize all the latest features, but that doesn’t consider the overall extent of the decline. The users who are severely impaired are advised to moderate the problems till Apple determines a solution by decreasing various apps which operate in the background and obtain the location.

Wandera suggests that users should use the “low power mode” feature for every iOS devices. The users can use this feature till Apple launch the new update. Enabling the iOS feature will help the users to consume less battery power hence battery drainage will decrease a bit. Most of the iOS 11 updaters are factory resetting their device to solve this problem, but it will not work at all. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 doesn’t have battery drainage problem. If you have suffered this problem or you have upgraded, then you must know that iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.0.1 will not come now.

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