Apple Offering: Apple has said that the pre-orders of iPhone X will begin after October 27th. The iPhone fans are excitedly waiting for the release of iPhone X and without any doubt, it will be sold in not more than two minutes. However, some customers can get the most awaited iPhone X near 3rd November. The one condition to consider is that the customer should be the part of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program.

Apple Offering has declared a special program for the members of Upgrade Program, in which the members have to follow some paperwork required for updating in progress. After completing the paperwork, the member’s can get the iPhone X faster than the other customers. Not all of the members can receive the device in advance, it’s only for the lucky customers. Although, all the members can participate in the program. They can get an iPhone X on November 3rd.

Apple Offering Lucky Customers Best Chance At Pre-ordering An iPhone X
Apple Offering Lucky Customers Best Chance At Pre-ordering An iPhone X

AppleInsider claimed that Apple has delivered an email notification to the members of buyers the iPhone Upgrade Program which stated that they can pre-apply for little paperwork, to be held on October 27th. The email wrote “Begin your upgrade to iPhone X on 10.23. The members can begin iPhone Upgrade Program and upgrade. They can utilize the Apple Store app on their iPhone to start the pre-order to ‘speed through checkout’ on 10.27”.

Apples’ aim to carry iPhone Upgrade Program is to avoid lease/economics programs. The customers have to spend a monthly fee and take the latest iPhone in all 12 months including AppleCare+ plan. The monthly fees start from $34.50 per month for iPhone 8 and $49.91 per month for iPhone X which is pretty costly.

The first sale of iPhone X will be of limited stocks. It is assumed to have supply-line problems which will raise the difficulty in buying for some customers. So, if you want to get the iPhone X on November 3rd, then you have to follow all the methods like utilizing the Apple Store iOS app for pre-orders and completing all the possible paperwork.

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