Make Apple Watch Acts As A Remote Control For iTunesMake Apple Watch Acts As A Remote Control For iTunes

Apple Watch: Music is the one thing that everyone loves to listen. While listening, if suddenly the music stops you feel frustrating. You have to take your iPhone out of your pocket or bag and then play the other track. When talking about iPhones and music, the first word comes to your mind is iTunes. iTunes is a best friend of iPhones. In this you can connect apple watch to iTunes also you can do the same to control iPad and pair remotely.

We all have seen, how Apple’s watch takes care of our health. There is a lot of things which you can manage with your Apple watch in your iPhone. Now, use your Apple watch as a remote control to manage iTunes.

Make Apple Watch Acts As A Remote Control For iTunes

Make Apple Watch Acts As A Remote Control For iTunes
Make Apple Watch Acts As A Remote Control For iTunes

Here are some simple steps to set up the apple watch for iTunes.

You have to use the same Wi-Fi network. Remember, that your TV and your Watch should run on the same connection to get the advantage. On your Watch, there is an option Remote app. Open the Remote app and click on add device. Now on your Apple TV, select your Apple Watch option.

This step is for those who have Apple TV 4th gen. Go to Settings then click on Remotes and Devices. Click on the Remote app, then select your Watch.
For those who have Apple TV 2nd or 3rd Gen. Go to Settings. Click on General, select Remotes and then select your Apple Watch. You have to put a passcode on your Apple TV that appears on your Watch. When you find a pairing icon next to your Watch it is a time to start controlling your Apple TV.

Steps to Set up iTunes and the Remote app.

First, you have to set up the Remote app.
1) You should always try to use the same Wi-Fi network.
2) Open the Remote app on your Watch then click Add Device.
3) Click the Remote button in iTunes on your computer.
4) Now you have to enter the 4-digit code that appears on your Watch.

Steps to Control iTunes:

1) When there is one library you can start playing your music.
2) When there is more than one library, you have to click on the library that you want to listen.
3) If the music is already playing, you just tap the list icon and then tap a library.
4) If you want to play or pause your music, go to previous or next track, use the controls in Remote
5) To change the volume, turn the Digital Crown.

Now stop running towards your iPhone to control it. Just wear an Apple Watch to control your Apple TV or iTunes, if you are having trouble pairing with your iTunes then just drop a comment below we will help you pair your Apple Watch with your iTunes.

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