Apple's Latest iOS 11.4 Update Causing Battery Drain IssueApple's Latest iOS 11.4 Update Causing Battery Drain Issue

In earlier article, Gadgetsay, had provided all the information and problems about iOS 11.4 which is recently Apple has originated a month before. After updating the newest version of the iOS 11.4, the iPhone’s owners are observing that the latest edition is dumping the battery life rapidly. The company official forums have recently received complaints that their iPhone is getting battery draining problem after the update iOS 11.4.

The Apple’s iOS 11.4 is installed with new features AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud but now the version is showing a negative result. This version was available for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. There is the number of users that are complaining in Apple’s support forums for the experience the battery dumping problem. After getting the complaints past two weeks the support forums “Community Specialist” have offer post on iPhone batteries and the price required for repairing.

Apple's Latest iOS 11.4 Update Causing Battery Drain Issue
Apple’s Latest iOS 11.4 Update Causing Battery Drain Issue

They haven’t yet replied if they will look through the updated version or will mend the issue. This is a serious issue which is affecting different models like iPhone 6 – iPhone X- iPhone SE. One of the iPhone owners had written that when iOS 11.4 was installed in the iPhone my battery was dumping in just some processing steps. The notification was telling that messages are using 33% of iPhone battery. The user has seen there were many iPhone 6, 6s and iPad users who are pointing out the same issue. Some of them commented that battery strength is fine but draining swiftly.

Apple's Latest iOS 11.4 Update Causing Battery Drain Issue
Apple’s Latest iOS 11.4 Update Causing Battery Drain Issue

It is also asked by users if your iPhone battery has become worn out or spoiled it will serve you with the bad result. The users are requested to replace the battery to overcome the problem because the Company is giving battery restore at a low rate. People are not able to make out what is seriously causing the problem but some have advised that switching on the Wi-Fi cause less consumption of the battery. While some suggested that iPhone users should shift from 5GHz connection to a 2.4 GHz connection.

There are some more comments we would like to share with you. The iPhone owner’s battery is dumping from 100 percent to 70 percent as the owner haven’t made the phone call or message anyone. Another user commented that instead of having 90 percent battery, it drains 50 percent to 20 percent in hardly a minute. If you are also facing the same problem just complain in the Apple support forums. So to get more detail stay tuned with Gadgetsay.

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