iPhone 14 series

I am not optimistic about the iPhone 14. I think the sales of the iPhone 14 series will be relatively poor.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will not upgrade the processor this year, the camera will not be upgraded, the notch are still retained, and the overall upgrade is very small. Users lack motivation.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been greatly upgraded this year, with a punch-hole screen, 48 mega pixel main camera, but the price has risen. The people who buy iPhones are mainly the middle class. The epidemic has laid off the middle class and reduced wages. Everyone wants to save money.

Do you still increase the price? The number of people who buy it will definitely be less
and I will make a bet with everyone that the iPhone 14 sales this year will definitely not be as good as last year’s iPhone 13.

iPhone 14

Foxconn employees exposed the mold drawings of the iPhone 14 Pro Max accessories, and the camera module of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has serious protrusions. The thickness of the camera body is 12.02 mm, the thickness of the camera module is 7.85 mm, the camera protrusion is 4.17 mm, and the thickness of the one-yuan coin is 1.85 mm.

iPhone 14

The camera protrusion on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is thicker than two one-dollar coins.┬áThis year’s main camera is 48 mega pixel.

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