Apple's New Update iOS 10 Bricked Devices During Installation For iPhone And iPad UserApple's New Update iOS 10 Bricked Devices During Installation For iPhone And iPad User

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If your iPhone or iPad has been ‘bricked’ or stuck with the Apple logo showing, you’ll need a computer, iTunes and a cable to fix it. Here’s how you can do but at first here is the overall news.

The new iOS 10 update, released today, appears to be causing problems for some iPad and iPhone owners who are installing it over-the-air. On the MacRumors forums, we’re seeing multiple reports from users who have attempted to install iOS 10 and have had their devices put into recovery mode, requiring a restore. By MacRumors.

Apple’s latest iOS 10 update had a very bad impact on the company’s reputation. Social media is full of complaints of iPhone users after their phones got bricked while updating the Software to iOS 10. It all started on Tuesday and since then there have been thousands of complaints from the Apple users.

For some users, the updating process failed with an error message asking the users to plug in the device to a PC or MAC for the complete restore of the operating system. As soon as the word spread out, Apple sorted it out with an explanation on their support page with a clear step-by-step guide.

An Apple spokesperson said “We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability. The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers.” And the company stated that now since the fix is available for the problem, Apple users can step forward for the complete update of the operating system. But the bug has created a huge mess for people, who were updating their OS in their workday.

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To spread awareness, people who got their phone bricked spread the message on social media by tweeting about their phones. And most of the tweets were hilarious, people really got pissed, when they got the error message unexpectedly. Check out the tweet below.


This is not new for Apple because, a few months ago, the same thing happened with the iPad Pro, when the iOS 9.3.2 was out for an update. And this lead Apple to stop the update by temporarily disabling it. This time, Apple messed up big time, because iOS 10 is a flagship for the company as a software. Since everyone was hyped up for the update the users got very disappointed with the bug.

Here is the link to fix the error from Apple. Follow the instructions and you will get the software update properly.

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