Apps Installed On Your Phone Reveals A Lot About Your PersonalityApps Installed On Your Phone Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Apps Installed On Your Phone Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Today we all are busy in our latest and variety of smartphones. Most of the time we are found staring in our smartphones at night also. We all are busy downloading the latest launched app from the app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play. The internet and smartphones are ruling in our life and have become a part of our daily schedule. You download many apps a day and it also includes the useless ones but does you ever make out, the apps you download disclose your personality.

Your addiction for a smartphone can be recognized by looking at your smartphone display which has numerous of apps in it. You will observe many people sitting together and instead of talking to each other they are busy at sending messages and chatting with friends. These kinds of people are addicted to their smartphones and cannot spend an hour without their phones not even in their bathroom.

Professor Trevor Pinch of Cornell University examined on the personalities of the app users and stated “the apps you download to your smartphone tells a lot about your personality. If you want to know anybody’s personality then just go through their smartphone apps”. Professor Trevor Pinch told that there are five types of personalities which are present in app users. Here are some personalities listed which will help you to find out, what type of personality you have.

1) The Appthusiasts – this type of personality is present in the person who searches for latest apps and installs it earliest. These types of people are concerned with searching and have the experience of recognizing good apps. They are full of liveliness, are inquisitive and communal, alongside also self-enthusiastic and impulsive. The apps usually downloaded by them are display text input apps and apps for modified SMS sound. They are from the field of Finance, IT or Sales domain.

2) The Creators – this type of people are Amusing and activist. They use to install apps that permit rapid entry to games and videos, music and picture editing, puzzles, and chatting instruments. They like to purchase eye-catching and gorgeous phones. They are usually musicians, authors, designers, artists, and entertainers. They are always energetic in social media.

3) The Apprentices – these type of peoples are Active, industrious, and creative. They like to download apps which will help them in their supervision and business jobs. Their smartphones are full of calendar widgets; travel and business assist apps, and apps that can search for the required app quickly. These types are usually Chefs, nurses, scientists, homemakers, librarian’s teachers, business leaders, administrators, and Presidents. These people are curious and smart. They like to live among many friends.

4) Live Wire – these peoples are Sports and fitness fanatics. They like to spend their most of the times outside. They like sharing and posting their skills in social media platform. They are practical, realistic and sensible and they like a simple life. They download apps like fitness, health, travel and social networking. Athletes, police officers, and travel industry personnel are of this personality.

5) The Connectors – these people are Inquisitive and self-assured. They have an appealing personality and always like to stay in groups. Their smartphone consists of instant messaging apps, social networking apps, and some normal games downloaded. They like making friends online as well as in genuine living. They are usually entrepreneur, advertising or public relationship jobs.

So, have you recognized what type of personality or appitype you have? If yes, then you can easily look at others smartphones to recognize and tell what type of people they are.

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