In 8 Steps Assemble A Perfect Gaming ComputerIn 8 Steps Assemble A Perfect Gaming Computer

What do you think about assembling a Gaming Computer of your own?? This seems you are quite addicted to the World of Game, but it a real cool you will feel when you play with high Graphics, the top Gamers in the World are also like this who choosing their perfect parts to assemble their computer just to make a comfort and best gaming computer.

Some computer geeks are also very loveable to gaming world, and they develop or build their own separate computer for gaming purpose, there are several accessories are required to build a perfect gaming computer so that users can play any high-end games such as Crysis series, Prototype, Battlefield and etc.

Here we are giving you the ideas in which it will help you when you are at the shop and choosing the perfect material for your PC, Which means you will have a perfect knowledge of this.

Now follow some steps and some rules regarding this:

1. Choose Your Perfect CPU Processor for your System

CPU Processor for your System
CPU Processor for your System

Recently the two brand of CPUs were on the news headlines were Intel and AMD, Both were more effective and sincere on the level of gaming stage, To select your Brand must apply these:

  • As compare to the price or if your are concerned about price level than Intel i5 CPU processor is a good mark for all gamers. Hence i7 users know that it is the high-end processor which means it has capable to play with all affordable hard-drive with your (GPU)Graphical Processing Unit but it may shock down your budget.
  • The most powerful Graphics in AMD is Radeon R9 295X2 but it will cost you or you can apply for Sapphire HD 7770 GDDR5 1GB it will cost you near by 100$ or in Indian currency Rs. 7000 to 8000.
  • You can have a look for Nvidia Graphics Cards as suits you!

2. How Motherboard is Compatible With Your CPU

Motherboard is Compatible With Your CPU
Motherboard is Compatible With Your CPU

Always make sure that if whenever you are going to purchase you Motherboard then you must check-up your CPU, Some motherboard may vary with their need such as HDMI or it has supportable with DDR2 OR DDR3 hence because of the difference or any needful requirement miss-out then your computer might be at risk. have a look down their:

  • The awareness matter is that before buying any amount of RAM then it must be considered at that time that at first run ar for some few runs with that RAM may be faster but this is not in every case it has said that whenever this happens for the just like for a month and after that month it got late to start then it called for high failure rate, Beware.
  • It doesn’t mean that having more socket on your devices will perform faster it indicates that more pins will not equate with better performance, Take this serious, this applied at the time of Processor.

3. Make Sure About Your RAM

Sure About Your RAM
Sure About Your RAM

There’s always a merit points at the time of RAM having more RAM (Desktop memory) will provide you greater performance with smoothness as well as because of it you will load your content faster as before, you can select you compatible memory it will not cost you more, Have a tips:

  • You have to make a sure knowledge about having a perfect RAM in which you have to choose the highest clock speed and the lowest timing and here only your RAM relies.
  • Try to have 64-bit CPUs in which You can use more amount of supported GB while in 32-bit you can only use up-to 3GB and you are on the topic of Gaming PC so you have to make sure to have at least 4GB RAM installed to run your game smooth.

4. How To Chose Your Video Card or Graphics Card

Your Video Card or Graphics Card
Your Video Card or Graphics Card

The most important decisions are to choose one of the smartest and perfect Graphics Card because there are several Graphics Card in the market and it is not so easy to choose a needful one, so the best way to catch your card is to make a review which means to see the details instructions as well as the features available on that product with price!

  • As per the knowledge and market demand Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 1GB is for beginners. The GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB is a good mid-range card and a dynamically maximizes clock speeds.

5. Have Needful Hard Drive Storage

Hard Drive Storage
Hard Drive Storage

Activities like gaming, sound system,video clips and applications require a lot of space to store the large information associated with press such as these. Study opinions on hard disks and choose the best for the price. Check the specifications to make sure it operates at least 7200 RPM, because you can possibly get better efficiency with higher principles.

  • Make sure that you have enough storage space in your system to run all the applications such as games which needs more file to store so give maximum priority to your hard disk size not the speed.
  • Mainly SATA is applicable to all computer user and it is recommended while purchasing your first PC, make sure that you must choose SATA not PATA.

6. Choose Your SMPS or Power Supply

SMPS or Power Supply
SMPS or Power Supply

First of all check you power unit which means Power supplies or SMPS comes with either 20-pin or 24-pin connectors with your motherboard and make sure to check the same in motherboard having same pin so that it can connect normally, and sure of the recommended power requirement for your GPU Graphics Card.

  • Having a low quality power supplies may affect your computer requirement energy and so if you are your high-end Graphics Card and with motherboard then you will be needed for more powerful and more efficiency SMPS.
  • Having 500 Watts is the required amount at energy power requirement for your gaming computer.

7. Purchase a PC Cabinet

PC Cabinet
PC Cabinet

The cabinet is also a part of your computer which is a skeleton of your pc and overall it holds all your expensive parts, so the matter is fan which is to be considered.

  • At least you should have a required space of cabinet which contain a fan through which this fan try to cool the whole system, and here you having a Gaming pc so you will have to get more higher powerful fan to float cold air inside and to make sure that all component were safe not to get hot.

8. Now Choose an OS Operating System

Choose an OS Operating System
Choose an OS Operating System

After all completing all necessary elements then this is the most important structure in this pc were you have to choose your (OS) Operating System,

  • Here Windows tends to be the best operating system for gaming as we all know, though there are two variable option Windows 7 over 8, Have reasonable OS as you think which is better to operate and some of the games may or may not run, varies.

All the above steps are very much necessary for the users who is developing a perfect gaming computer, and each point is needed to assemble your gaming computer. We hope you liked this and share it with your friends. Please provide us your query if have, using he below comment box.

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