The ATM Machine Running Windows XP Can Be Hacked

ATM Machine: There are many people who are using Microsoft operating system Windows XP. The Operating System is also used in many places and as well as on bulk of ATM machines. The ATM machines using the 16-year-old Windows XP can be hacked easily which is the biggest risk. The system is fixed with the OS and is not updated and it also not installed with security updates.

The ATM Machine Running Windows XP Can Be Hacked
The ATM Machine Running Windows XP Can Be Hacked

We all know that ATM machines need a high security to prevent any type of hacking. A user has managed to get the way to the user interface of the Windows XP OS. The reports from Softpedia, the Russian blogging platform Habrahabr reports that he has got the way to the user interface on the Windows XP operating system which is inserted on the ATM machine.

The full-screen lock limits the way to multiple elements of an ATM Operating System could be avoided by switching on the Sticky Keys. When the operator was expecting a call to be picked, out of indifference after that he pressed the SHIFT key on the ATM keyboard 5 times in a row, and with no doubt, the ATM immediately prompted about the sticky keys feature.

When the SHIFT key is pressed 5 times in a row the users can get the way for many Windows settings. The Taskbar and Start Menu were able to use Windows Operating system. Here hackers can easily hack many parts of the operating system. This has opened the way through which the wicked activities of hackers can hack the ATM.

The hackers can easily install software and change the boot script. The biggest issue throughout the news is that instead of knowing the Sberbank has not taken any strict action about it. The bank had agreed to the crisis fix for the issue, but, this Windows XP imperfection still worked. The Microsoft has asked the banks to update the latest edition of Windows so that ATMs can get protected and prevent the scams or attacks.

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